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  1. Braintree Rifle and Pistol Club

    New member here - going to head down to try to use the rifle range for the first time after work, anyone know if a RO will be around? Would love to meet some club members too if anyone else will be around.
  2. New acquisitions Feb 2018

    My first Glock, a Gen 2 19 courtesy of Precision Point. Looks to be in excellent condition, can’t wait to get it to the range. Thanks Chris!
  3. How Did You Start Hunting?

    I'm new to the forum here and relatively new to owning guns, and am very interested in hunting as a way to expand my skills and take home some delicious meat. So, my question is - how did you get into hunting? If you didn't grow up hunting, what did you do to learn? Hoping some folks here can...
  4. Boston "Assault Weapons Ban" ... n00b content

    For someone that might still be confused, is there an answer here? I have a friend (Boston resident) that recently purchased a kel tec sub2k - he bought it at a well known FFL, is he allowed to possess it within the city of Boston? Or should he leave it somewhere else? Reading the bylaw did...
  5. Kel-Tec Sub 2000

    Old thread, I know. Would this be legal in the city of Boston under their AWB? Struggling to find anythind substantive on this wrt this particular model.
  6. GFA Arms Tech - Natick

    Made my first gun purchase at GFA a few weeks ago and couldn't be happier. Greg was super patient and let me ask what I'm sure were tons of dumb questions without ever making me feel unwelcome. I will certainly be back! Cannot recommend GFA enough.
  7. Moved in b/w applying & being issued LTC - how to proceed?

    Thanks for your response Len. I will get the forms filled out and sent out right away.
  8. Moved in b/w applying & being issued LTC - how to proceed?

    New member here, apologies if I'm in the wrong place potentially. So long story short, due to how long it took for my town to issue my LTC, I ended up moving in between when I applied and when the license was issued. I know I need to send the appropriate notification forms, but will I have any...
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