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  1. Few Cold days in Georgia

    Mr. Hedgehound and Mrs. Hedgehound spent few cold days in Georgia, it was very cold, getting to 32F. The Hedgehounds visited a National Infantry Museum, drove around and pinned a little tab to the Mr. Hedgehound Jr/Jr sleeve at the "school" graduation.
  2. Steel calibration considered unreliable?

    Recently I ran into an interesting situation with Range Equipment failure, namely, forward falling steel popper. I was shooting PCC (load: 9mm; 147 grains; ~980fps). On one of the stages the steel popper failed to fall even though the hit was in the round “scoring” area. OK, no problem...
  3. Monson this Sunday

    I would appreciate if someone could help me with schedule at Monson: when does the registration open, when is the start?
  4. Curios: does anyone shoot G19 in USPSA Production Division?

    As the title implies: does anyone use Glock 19 in USPSA Production Division?
  5. Manville!

    Lots of thanks to Matt and Manville folks for today's match! PS. I forgot the name, sorry, someone asked me about the 1911 grips; they are Operator II VZgrips.
  6. End of season at AFS

    Last match of 2012 indoor season at AFS. Great match, good stages, actually running and gunning. Thanks to Darrin, Ken and everybody whose names I do not know or remember!
  7. New 22LR design?

    Came across this, thought it might be interesting... http://www.rimfireuniverse.com/home_page.html
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