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  1. Firearm on a Boat

    Don't people duckhunt with boats?
  2. MA to CT Transfer of a Stripped AR Lower?

    Must go through an FFL.
  3. Muzzle brake altered?

  4. Muzzle brake altered?

    Thank God!
  5. Muzzle brake altered?

  6. .50 cal Beowulf AR15 upper sold to be replaced with .223 upper

    Changing calibers in not an issue in MA that I know of, just file the paper work with the new information.
  7. Handguns returned from Police Storage

    +1, I've personally seen the way some of these are stored. Think of cordwood... but not stacked quite as nice.
  8. i have not actually found this info in hours of reading. Green, Red, and Black towns

    You'd have a better chance of getting a chimpanzee to learn quantum physics.
  9. Out of State won't sell C&R pistol. HELP!

    The OP is a 03 FFL. - - - Updated - - - Most dealers I know in MA do honor 03 FFL's.
  10. Out of State won't sell C&R pistol. HELP!

    I'm not, just ask my wife.
  11. Out of State won't sell C&R pistol. HELP!

    Why not have the gun shipped to an FFL in NH then transferred to you.
  12. how to move inherited pistol collection from NJ to MA?

  13. Restricted non-Res MA LTC-A

    One of my friends whom owns a gun-shop in RI recently applied for his annual MA non-res LTC, and was informed that unless you have a good reason to carry, non-res LTC's may start coming out restricted.
  14. Gun shop rumor?

    Sounds like something a certain gun shop a few miles from BassPro would say.
  15. Fa-10 .22lr with no Serial # ??

    In the gun shops we would just put NA in the space provided. In the event that you are contacted (which won't happen) just explain that the gun is pre 68 when serial numbers were not mandatory per federal law. Stupid FA10 forms........
  16. Denied in RI but case happened in MA

    Lets keep this in one forum
  17. Private ammo sale to MA

    Not saying your wrong, but can you show me the citation stating the 21 age requirement? Also, what if you own a rifle that shoots a handgun cartridge. I know of many lever-guns that shoot .357 Magnum, .45 Long Colt, etc.
  18. Non-Mass compliant rifle?...it's the MSAR E4

    FYI, Zero Hour Arms does not sell guns that are not in compliance wit the assault weapons ban to civilians. We have many on display that have the evil features but they are neutered to be in compliant with the MA AWB before they leave the shop.
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