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  1. Shooter's Outpost on Bumpfire stocks

    They are stupid, but yes "tacticool". The ods of finding one on an AR with an EO Tech knockoff and a $100 UTG rail is far greater than finding one on a Match AR used for high power competition. I stand by my statement.
  2. Shooter's Outpost on Bumpfire stocks

    Not every shop is about being tacticool. I know shops that their forte in competitive pistol shooting, some shops could care less about that. Just because a place sells gun stuff doesn't mean they cary gun stuff for every discipline.
  3. Antique Gun Restoration

    Give Tim a call at G&N Gunsmithing. 570 Washington St Wrentham, Massachusetts, MA 02093 (508) 404-9075
  4. Northeast Trading For Sale.

    Correct! His main issues were federal. They could have been avoided, but he like to walk to the beat of his own drum. When Uncle Sam tells you to cut the shit, he means it.
  5. Bullseye Shooting - Red dot Y or N?

    What league are you shooting in?
  6. Bullseye Shooting - Red dot Y or N?

    A Ruger Mark 2 or 3 with a good trigger is the best bang for the dollar. I have a guy on my team who shot a 300 in practice with it. If you can shoot without a dot, then do it. Yes 99% of those in the sport including myself use one, but a regular iron sight will produce amazing numbers. Don...
  7. Northeast Trading For Sale.

    He's been trying to sell for a good year. I used to see his ad on CL. He's old, tired, and looking to cash out. Unless he drops his draws, he won't be going anywhere anytime soon.
  8. Northeast Trading For Sale.

    Fred was a damn fine man. [sad2]
  9. Northeast Trading For Sale.

    Relax, the photo is from 2014 [laugh]
  10. Northeast Trading For Sale.

    75K gets you nothing. So he wants $450,000
  11. "NEW" NRA basic pistol course: ILTC Instructor Lead Course!

    Can you post the link please? I'd like to send this out to some friends.
  12. Maverick 88 Sharp edge on loading port

    Guns got blood on it, might be worth more money to the right buyer. LOL
  13. Bead Blasting Revolver

    G&N Gunsmithing (508) 404-9075 [email protected]
  14. NRA wasting money

    Massachusetts grants they gave to in 2014. I bet they would have given more if more clubs asked for grant money Massachusetts $33,561 Bernardston Police Department Chicopee Sportsmen’s Club, Inc. Holliston Sportsmen’s Association, Inc. Holyoke Revolver Club, Inc. Marlborough Fish & Game...
  15. NRA wasting money

    The NRA does a ton in New England. The NRA helped my club years ago when building one of the ranges. The NRA helped outfit our Jr rifle program with brand new rifles. The NRA might not be perfect, but they help us a hell of a lot more then hurt us particularly at the national level. Sure your...
  16. Striker Fired 1911?

    That thing is ugly as hell and I certainly wouldn't call it a striker fired 1911.
  17. CCW options in "Girl" colors?

    I won one of these back in 2010 at the RI Friends of the NRA dinner. I called my pregnant wife right after I won and told her that it was a sign that we were having a girl. The gun is still unfired, my daughter will be the first to use it when she is old enough and will receive it on her 21st...
  18. How many people carry a full size 1911 daily?

    I did for a while. I had one instance when my shirt got stuck between my body and OWB holster and didn't realize it. I rarely carry a 1911 these days as I feel there are better options for me. I have a quality shoulder holster, but unless you can wear one under a blazer or similar jacket, they...
  19. lawn sign

    Right! LOL
  20. FBI Goes Glock

    Nice to see them running with the 9mm.
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