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  1. ITAR question

    So I've been reading some ITAR laws recently and am trying to figure this out...if a private US resident/citizen individual is important <50cal ammo(and ammo only) such as 9mm, do they need to register with ITAR?
  2. Someone to help my folks out in Framingham?

    Hey folks, I've moved away and my folks are in a bind. My father landed in the hospital today with some sort of dizziness/chest pains/vertigo. I know there is another snow storm heading their way, and was wondering if I could impose on one of the fine members of NES to potentially help them...
  3. WTS Teeter Hang Ups 550 + Gravity boots (inversion table for back pain sufferers!)

    I have a Teeter Hang Ups 550 and a set of gravity boots to go with it. 225$ for the set. Located in Norton
  4. WTS Redmax Leaf blower EBZ7500

    http://www.redmax.com/products/blowers/ebz7500/ Used last season. This thing BLOWS(seriously, I did half an acre of leaves in under an hour) This isn't your home depot special, I bought it from Boston Lawnmower last year, and now don't have a yard worth blowing anymore. I paid nearly...
  5. WTS Lawn season is over. Prep for next year!

    I got some yard gear to sell. These are used tools, and some of them "show it"(as in they have dirt on them, like they have been in the yard and such), but all are in great shape and work awesome. As you can tell, these are all located in a storage unit, and as such, I can get to them on...
  6. WTS Need chickenwire fence posts? Come in here

    These things are 5$ a piece at Lowes. I have about 15 of them(or more). I'll let all of them go for 45$. Located in Norton on weekdays, Framingham potentially on weekends Look like these
  7. WTS Craftsman Table Saw, 75$

    Located in Framingham MA. 75$
  8. WTS Wicker Patio Furniture

    Looks like we might be moving, and as such need to get rid of some stuff. Patio furniture/wicker furniture. Come's as a set. 1 Love seat, 2 chairs, 1 "coffee table". How about 100 for the set? wicker - a set on Flickr for photos These are located in Framingham.
  9. 20 for 40 @ Brownells

    need anything at Brownells? 20 for 40 @ GEARHOG | 50% - 70% off your favorite outdoors, hunting and fishing gear (yes this link does give me a referral bonus, feel free to just go to gearhog.com if you don't want to give me the referral bonus
  10. No name campaign

    These idiots are outside Faneuil hall right now
  11. Crossbow string failure?

    So, I found a crossbow recently that is missing it's string. The owner told me that the string snapped because he had left it strung up and dry, and then it snapped. Is the crossbow still functional? Anything to be concerned about after the string snapped?
  12. Metrowest reloaders?

    So, I'm moving, and all my reloading gear is packed up...but I need to load some ammo for matches. Anyone near Framingham willing to let me use their press and scale(if you have a digi powder trickler would be awesome). Would happily pay with a 6pack or something for rental of your gear. I...
  13. Marathon bombers and smokeless powder

    This picture is from someone posting on 4chan...they predict this...so i'll say you heard it here first, reloading may soon become illegal
  14. 10th Circuit: You have no right to carry concealed

    JURIST - Paper Chase: Tenth Circuit finds no Second Amendment right to concealed weapons Looks like this is headed to SJC
  15. Selling a long-arm out of state

    I know you have to ship a long arm to a purchaser out of state, but what do you have to do as far as FA-10's when shipping a gun out of state to an FFL for purposes of selling it?
  16. Shout out to comm2a this morning

    Just saw the chief of police in Everett beig talked about on channel 7 news. He said something to the affect of them doing an inadequate job of getting licenses out in a. 40 day window. Don't forget donate to comm2a!!! They are fighting the good fight
  17. How do you hunt?

    So I've taken my first forays into it, and am still getting my feet wet. Do you tree stand hunt? Sit on the ground? Walk and stalk? Call deer in to you? What method do you use and why?
  18. Mace requires firearms class?

    Does the 40$ mace only fid require a firearms safety course? A friend who applied for it in marlboro said she was told she needed it. I thought the 40$ fid was course-free. Sent from my SPH-D700 using Tapatalk 2
  19. Hunting on unposted land

    OK, so I know of a piece of land which is unposted. I can't really get in touch with the owner. What are the rules for hunting on it? Barring the owner coming and telling me to leave(which becomes a trespassing issue at that point), what else do I need to be worried about?
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