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  1. Looking for a good air gun to quell the vermin

    Well PyramidAir has the Gamo Urban PCP for $299. The Urban is a PCP air gun made with a BSA upper and a Gamo stock. At 299 it's the deal of the Century...
  2. Hillary Clinton is stalking me!

    Everyday I have 5-10 e-mails from her. They're creepy emails. Each one tells me she can't wait to meet me BUT I have to go to her web site and give her money for that to happen. I don't want to meet her, she's creepy! I've sent her e-mail and asked her to stop creeping me out but she ignores my...
  3. Venezuela

    It's getting very real down there. You want to know what a SHTF scenario looks like? Here you go.... http://www.reuters.com/article/us-venezuela-usa-idUSKCN0Y42MT http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-05-12/raw-venezuela-looter-burned-alive-while-streets-filled-people-killing-animals-food
  4. WPA 30-06 experience

    I've been looking for some cheap range ammo for my 30-06 rifle and I ran across the WPA stuff at a pretty reasonable price in bulk. It's Russian made (Wolf), steel case, 145 grain. Has anyone shot any of this stuff? I'd like some feedback on it before I buy a couple of thousand rounds. If...
  5. PSA - Hunter Ed Class ** FILLED**

    Anyone needing a Hunter Ed class there will be one at Nipmuc R&G located on the Milford, MA/Upton line off 140. THIS CLASS HAS NOT BEEN ADVERTISED YET but there are already only 3 seats left open. The class will be advertised Dec 16. The class itself will be in Feb around the 10th. If...
  6. Question about operating on someone elses license

    Can anyone point me at the regs that cover a person operating on another entities license. For instance, I am licensed and I'd like my wife to be able to use my base equipment to talk to me when I'm mobile. Thanks.
  7. Revolver recommendations

    I haven't owned a revolver since I was 20 (a very long time ago) and now I find myself wanting one as a backup carry. I'm looking for something small, preferably coat pocket small, lightweight, +p and in 38 special/9mm. $600 tops. If I buy used, what should I be looking for in wear...
  8. Zastava M77 PS .308

    anyone seen a Zastava M77 PS .308 in their LGS? I'm looking for one and can travel to purchase it.
  9. What does "Common Use" really mean

    I'll be the proud owner of a significant piece of land in New Hampshire very soon. I think I have this "common use" concept squared away but I want to check with the wisdom of the Great and Powerful NES. As I understand it, common use means that I still control access to my property but I...
  10. 20 rnd AK mags?

    Do those exist? I've been trying to find some with no luck. I have 10 round and 30 round. The 20's would be for bench shooting. I hate reloading at the range.
  11. Yet Another Tech

    Tested this morning and am now waiting for my call sign to be added to the ULS. Probably be there by the end of next week. I have the UV-5R Plus HT and a Yaesu FT-2900R for the Jeep. I may use the FT-2900R in double duty (Base/Mobile). I was thinking about a J-Pole for a base antenna (just...
  12. Quick question

    I'm studying and plan to test on June 15th in Marlboro . Any way I was looking at some repeater listing in the 2M band and some of them gave a listing of DGTL. I assume that means digital tone. What's a DGTL tone? I can't find the answer anywhere. Thanks for helping a soon to be newbie HAM...
  13. SBR's

    OK I have the hots to build an SBR. I know... I know but I'm a masochist. The lower is a cake walk. Now we come to the upper. Well that's not a cake walk. I want a 11" barrel. The upper receiver is no problem for me. BUT when I get forward of the upper receiver I'm a NooB. Suggestions? What...
  14. Question about purchase in MA taken to Texas

    As a few of you know I have a ranch in Texas and it is bountiful in mule deer and wild pig. I have purchased a number of rifles in MA and have since taken them to Texas and left them at my ranch. They were transported by automobile (2300 mile drive.. I won't do that again anytime soon) under...
  15. Win a 10/22

    http://www.gearhog.com/?did=17496 Entry this weekend ONLY. Good Luck!
  16. Revolver Recommendations

    OK here's the deal, I'm pretty much a semi-auto kinda guy but this morning I woke up and decided I need a revolver (I think I have one in the safe but it's to big to carry). What I want: 1- small 2- lightweight 3- at least 5 rounds (more is better) 4- .38+P/.357 5- easy pocket carry...
  17. Glock 33 round 9mm mags

    Today's Ballistic Reload http://www.ballisticreload.com/?avad=9481_bf82c6d $20 a mag. Still time.
  18. More Gearhog goodness

    1000 rounds of 230 .45 ACP give away! Good Luck! http://www.gearhog.com/?did=16463
  19. Body Armor

    GEARHOG is giving away an urban carrier and plates. No purchase necessary to enter. Only a day and a 1/2 before they draw. Last I checked there were only 515 entries. So some pretty good odds of winning. Good Luck!
  20. Vortex StrikeFire Red/Green Dot

    Any experience with this scope. Does it hold up under recoil. Thinking of one for either an AR-15 or AK47 (maybe both). Mostly used for 100 meter shooting. Maybe out to 200 meters. Doubt I'll go any further than that. My eyes are getting tired and iron sights get blurry after awhile, so I...
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