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  1. Ultimate SHTF location

    The 1970s Cold War Era Home built 26 Feet Underground http://www.messynessychic.com/2013/09/05/the-1970s-cold-war-era-home-built-26-feet-underground/
  2. Ak used in strip club shoot-em up caught on video

    Interesting footage. Video shows assault rifle shooting at Philadelphia strip club | 6abc.com
  3. 1911 Long slide build - finishing touch

    So before the end of last year, I completed fitting together a 1911 long slide. (frame and slide thanks to John at Remsport) I wanted to share the results of it with you. Though, it has not been finished yet. Its stainless, so I am going to go the paint route. Id like to put it to a vote on...
  4. Common gun barrel thread sizes

    Wish I found this a while back. Damn near destroyed a barrel trying to torque on a comp that didn't have the right tpi. Hope this helps somebody. http://preciseinnovationsllc.com/common_gun_thread_sizes.htm
  5. AR15 Firing pin retaining pin

    Can anyone suggest a local (metro Boston) source for AR small parts? Specifically, I lost my firing pin retaining pin - the regular cotter pin type. I was tearing apart my upper from the car shoot and I lost the damn thing. Id rather not have to place an order from brownells for just this -...
  6. Lost WWII Battlefield found

    http://news.blogs.cnn.com/2010/06/07/lost-wwii-battlefield-found-war-dead-included/?hpt=C2 "An Australian trekker said he has discovered the site of a significant World War II battle in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, complete with the remains of Japanese soldiers right where they fell...
  7. Cool toy

    This is interesting... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D99NHb6B03s
  8. SBR purchase process in MA?

    Been fishing around for information on the subject and I see threads touch and bounce around the issue, but can someone who has done this explain the process from start to finish to legally obtain a commercially available (not home made) SBR in Massachusetts? Thanks very, very much in advance...
  9. Shot a pair of 67 year olds

    Just gave my new WWII vintage Nazi pistols a work out. First the Walther P38 circa 1943. This thing ran like a clock, mechanically perfect - no issues with loading, ejecting etc. I found the balance a little weird for me, and it felt a little bulky in my hand. The sites were a little odd...
  10. S&W M&P9 conversion to .357sig - possible?

    I've seen a lot of talk of converting a S&W M&P40/.357sig down to 9mm. Can you do the reverse? Storm lake sells .357sig barrles, can you drop those into a M&P9 and with the right mag use it? Can the M&P9 frame handle the beefier round? Thanks.
  11. Question: WWII FN Browning P35 chipped slides?

    I have a question regarding WWII vintage P35s made by FN for the Germans. Was the milling done so quickly (and shoddy) that it is common for WWII P35s to have thier slides chipped/cracked underneath the barrel galley, inside where the recoil spring is housed? Has anyone else seen this on old...
  12. Walther P38 - whats it worth?

    Hello - Does anyone have any ideas on the value of: Walther P38, all numbers matching, ac43, low serial number from first block of 10,000, 95% original finish - white markings on stamps still bright, matching magazine - with jvd code still in white, no import marks, and with the original...
  13. Interested in getting into mil surplus collecting

    Hi - I am interested in getting started collecting WWII military era pistols - I am sure it will expand into rifles and other eras at some point. Can anyone reccomend a good read on the subject including - what models are out there and are collectible, significance, value, things to look out...
  14. At home cold black oxide on stainless?

    Has anyone had any experience with 'do-it-yourself' black oxide kits? Can anyone make a product suggestion? OR suggest alternatives... here is my situation and what I am looking to do... I have an alum oxide blasted stainless steel 1911 slide that I want to finish - either black or blue...
  15. Argument against gun control on Boston Legal

    Found this amusing, you may too. http://www.metacafe.com/watch/1885966/gun_control/
  16. Plaxico Burress Indicted on Weapons Charges

    http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,536307,00.html Thoughts?
  17. Just went green!

    Just wanted to say I went green just now. I have been checking this site out for a few months now, met some cool people and got way more than $19 worth of guidance, advice and information. Thanks everyone! Sir_Macadoo
  18. MA Governor’s Anti-Gun Bill to be Heard on Tuesday, July 14

    Mass gun owners, please take note.... (sourced from NRA ILA) Governor’s Anti-Gun Bill to be Heard on Tuesday, July 14 Please Contact the Members of the Joint Committee on the Judiciary! As we reported in May, Governor Deval Patrick (D) introduced a bill that would have disastrous effects...
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