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  1. ITAR question

    So I've been reading some ITAR laws recently and am trying to figure this out...if a private US resident/citizen individual is important <50cal ammo(and ammo only) such as 9mm, do they need to register with ITAR?
  2. Someone to help my folks out in Framingham?

    Yes, I'm hoping to find someone to shovel/plow them out on Sunday morning. They are both well into their 60s and with this I really don't want my dad even snow blowing.
  3. Someone to help my folks out in Framingham?

    I saw 2 pm's, but my inbox was full....wow this forum is amazing.
  4. Someone to help my folks out in Framingham?

    Hey folks, I've moved away and my folks are in a bind. My father landed in the hospital today with some sort of dizziness/chest pains/vertigo. I know there is another snow storm heading their way, and was wondering if I could impose on one of the fine members of NES to potentially help them...
  5. DeLeo gun bill public hearing - carpool thread

    FYI, I have few dogs in this fight anymore, but be warned: last time MDA/whatever came and "held seats with shirts". Consider organizing and doing something similar.
  6. Mystic Valley Gun Club

    Jason and Jeff have done a great job the last couple of years!
  7. Be careful stating names of online vendors

    What color crayon did you write this in? I looked in my box of crayons and couldn't match it...
  8. Framingham TGI Fridays is now a "Gun Free Zone"

    I mean its TGI fridays..who gives a F? It's awful food. As bad if not worse then Olive Garden
  9. Inline Fabrication gear for Hornady LNL - my impression.

    He makes good quality stuff. I have the same accessories as you do. They are great!
  10. Reading Rifle this morning (Sunday)

    Sunday mornings at Reading is Indoor/Outdoor league...i don't know anyone who offhand's their .50
  11. WTS Teeter Hang Ups 550 + Gravity boots (inversion table for back pain sufferers!)

    I have a Teeter Hang Ups 550 and a set of gravity boots to go with it. 225$ for the set. Located in Norton
  12. WTS Redmax Leaf blower EBZ7500

    http://www.redmax.com/products/blowers/ebz7500/ Used last season. This thing BLOWS(seriously, I did half an acre of leaves in under an hour) This isn't your home depot special, I bought it from Boston Lawnmower last year, and now don't have a yard worth blowing anymore. I paid nearly...
  13. WTS Lawn season is over. Prep for next year!

    I got some yard gear to sell. These are used tools, and some of them "show it"(as in they have dirt on them, like they have been in the yard and such), but all are in great shape and work awesome. As you can tell, these are all located in a storage unit, and as such, I can get to them on...
  14. WTS Need chickenwire fence posts? Come in here

    These things are 5$ a piece at Lowes. I have about 15 of them(or more). I'll let all of them go for 45$. Located in Norton on weekdays, Framingham potentially on weekends Look like these
  15. Bostonfirearm Shooting range in Everetts

    You're the first. The only range I know of there is in Malden, MA. Mystic Valley Gun Club
  16. transporting Elk Skull?

    or...umm...just ship it?
  17. WTS Craftsman Table Saw, 75$

    Located in Framingham MA. 75$
  18. Can I obtain my FID in Massachusetts if I was in a mental hospital when I was 17?

    Slapshot, you're wrong. He shouldn't lie or for that matter, fill out an application. Do not pass go, Do not pay 100$, do not apply for LTc. Go straight and directly to the local firearms attorney's office. Also, were you ajudicated mentally insane? Were you sent there by a judge? Or go...
  19. WTS Wicker Patio Furniture

    Looks like we might be moving, and as such need to get rid of some stuff. Patio furniture/wicker furniture. Come's as a set. 1 Love seat, 2 chairs, 1 "coffee table". How about 100 for the set? wicker - a set on Flickr for photos These are located in Framingham.
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