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  1. MIM fender telecaster deluxe!

    Exc cond Mexican Fender Telecaster Deluxe. Black/ maple. HH. vvg. Includes 2 extra pick guards and fender soft case. $800
  2. How To Shoot Eighteen .22LR Rounds At One Time

    The 22 barrels were also smooth bore.. so just a hair more accurate than the average mini-14
  3. How To Shoot Eighteen .22LR Rounds At One Time

    I had one of those when I had my M79. they are fun. But fussy. I don’t think I ever got it to shoot all the rounds at the same time. but it didn’t matter.. it was a hoot!
  4. MAK 90 straight cut folder conversion. Thoughts?

    if you‘re in mass do you need to worry about 922r and evil features?
  5. String of break-ins in Newton, MA has residents on edge

    not that it would ever make it past the censors and into the press.. but it should prove a wake up call for some that as they call 911 to say there is a person in their home. and realize it will take the police 15 minutes to get there..
  6. WTS Russian TIGR scope

  7. Atn 3-9 x 55 .223 BDC

  8. WTS Rossi Ranch Hand/ mare’s leg 357

  9. House Passes Democrat Bill Criminalizing Private Gun Sales

    Does this mean Mass shuts down e-fa10 portal? at that point No more ftf. And far fewer maSS non complainant pistol FFL transfers?
  10. CPAC: Watch Wayne LaPierre LIVE today at 12:30 p.m.

    The NRA has become the equivalent of the teachers unions.. they just don’t seem to really care about anything other than growing themselves..

    So a Glock that mags cost $150/ea?
  12. WTS Rossi ranch hand 357

    It‘s a pistol. But cross posting here. rossi ranch hand. 357 fussy about ammo and could use some some work. but frikken awesome. $1000 all rules apply
  13. WTS Russian TIGR scope

  14. Atn 3-9 x 55 .223 BDC

  15. Actors who are legally prohibited, but touch guns in movies ...

    I agree, anti gun radicals should not be making their living from staring in movies where they use guns. No laws apply to Hollywood. they can always say it was not a real gun. Or that it was a real guns but shot in xyz country where that law did not apply..
  16. SOLD pending transfer!!, Mp40

    It almost sold.. so close.. but no. still available
  17. Withdrawn Springfield Armory FAL preban SAR 4800 HBAR/ bipod

    withdrawn. you don’t deserve this.
  18. WTS Gypsy jazz acoustic guitars

    Paris swing gg-39. $550 gitane dg 320 850 gorgeous highly figured rosewood and tortoise. This is a factory mismatch. With Ackerman signature instead of Jorgensen.
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