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  1. ATF Agents Raid Home of Youtube Gun Personality FPSRussia

    Rad- did i say anywhere that i agree with him? No. I just get tired of seeing anyone with an opposing opinion get shit on. Why not just stay on topic? He has his opinion, i strongly disagree so maybe i say that, then move on. No reason to derail everything.
  2. ATF Agents Raid Home of Youtube Gun Personality FPSRussia

    The piling on in this thread is why i never post anymore. You're either with the group or you're the enemy, no middle ground ever. NES doesn't like dissenting opinions, posters would rather drive off the people who aren't as hard-core as they "should" be.
  3. Tales from the Idiot Side

    Our protocol echoed Gary's - keep'em alive but don't wake'm up until they get to the ER, let them deal with them in a proper ER and not the back of a 6x8 truck.
  4. Tales from the Idiot Side

    to be honest, I included that for reason. My partner said that no one was that stupid, I disagreed. He think it was some freaky sexual thing, while I said that with a wife like that (petite little brunette) that there's no reason for aquarium tubing.
  5. Tales from the Idiot Side

    I have a million from my EMS days, here's 2 quick ones: 1) My FIRST night on the job, called out to an intoxicated individual with stomach pains. Partner and I arrive on scene (trailer park, patient in the fetal position on his side, empty 1/5 of Jack Daniels next to him, smoking hot wife. I...
  6. Moving south...

    Tar Holes suck, go Wolfpack!
  7. M1 Garand clip ejection.

    Mine too
  8. Red Town Express membership karma

    Sorry guys, been crazy and I forgot to pick a winner! Kvesi, I'll get you hooked up in the next day or so
  9. So the pistol I'm considering comes with a manual safety.

    One ofmy carry pistols has a manual safety, I leave it off all the time, abut I also practice thumbing it off on the draw to make it a habit.i honestly never worry about it
  10. Red Town Express membership karma

    To support our cause, and due in part to Jesse's generosity, I'm offering up a NES membership. Best reason for why you deserve it wins, judge's decision is final :) I'll pick a winner next Wednesday.
  11. Do not read if you have high blood pressure (bloomberg suggests cops go on strike)

  12. An Update on GOAL, The Foundation, and TOM

    Jim, thanks for the information. Well done to Bob P, et al.
  13. SKS refinisng done but I have a extra spring

    Bah, extra parts mean you improved the build efficiency
  14. Black Diamond

  15. Did I Just Get Scammed?

    Dave, First, good on you for trying to do right. Second, the reason you weren't supplied with the relevant law was because it doesn't exist.
  16. anyone ever see any videos from Cokeman2423 videos?

    He's dad's gonna be soooo pissed
  17. safety etiquette on the range

    I'm with squished. I dont get to the range Often enough so when i go I have 3-4 pistols and several rifles with me. Do you guys lock everything up every time you change a target?
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