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  1. Bad Experience, Air Gun Depot

    Hatsan Model 25 gas piston air pistol.
  2. Bad Experience, Air Gun Depot

    Update: I sent them an email today to let them know that the tracking number they sent me indicates that the replacement product, which is still in transit, is headed to the wrong address. A couple hours later I got a vague notice saying that I was being issued a refund for $31 dollars; no...
  3. Bad Experience, Air Gun Depot

    I did, actually. That's how I got them to agree to cover shipping.
  4. Bad Experience, Air Gun Depot

    A few weeks ago I ordered an air gun in .22 from Air Gun Depot. They sent me the correct model, but in .177 caliber. When I tried to exchange it for what I had actually ordered, they wanted me to pay for return freight, because there was "nothing wrong with the product." I had to spend...
  5. Muzzle Sweep

    I understand that, but it's not difficult to generally keep the thing pointed at the pavement. It was horizontal and pointed directly at crowds of people as a default position. I saw the same guy doing it again today.
  6. Muzzle Sweep

    Well played, sir. No, I definitely did not eat balut. I wouldn't feed that garbage to my dog. My co-worker ate one once and puked.
  7. Muzzle Sweep

    You mean a Jeepney? I've been here 6 times in the last year and a half and you wouldn't catch me dead near one of those shite boxes. ; )
  8. Muzzle Sweep

    I got muzzle swept by a cop in the Philippines earlier today. Actually, it was a bit more than a sweep. I was standing at a cross walk and he was standing next to me. He had a 12 gauge slung across his body and was holding it completely horizontally, at a 90 degree angle from his body. When...
  9. Terror Attack in London

    I met a British couple in Barcelona yesterday who, after a brief conversation on the street, invited me to lunch. We talked about everything but politics. They were both ex-British military, met in the service and were celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary on the Catalan coast. The...
  10. Hunter shoots himself in the chest while checking ice thickness

    You're right, legally speaking, an 18 year old is an adult. A very young adult. There are many 18 year olds who are still in high school. Granted, I never shot myself, but the list of stupid things I did at 18 is very long. I suspect that is the case for many people. He did something...
  11. Hunter shoots himself in the chest while checking ice thickness

    He's an 18 year old kid. Sometimes kids do dumb things. Cut him some slack. That being said, I find it shocking that he took a bullet from a muzzleloader to the chest at point blank range and lived.
  12. Gun-friendly Liberty University to open on-campus shooting range

    My father is a bat shit crazy Falwell disciple and my younger sister went to Liberty. They have a faux dinosaur skeleton in the foyer of the science department with a plaque on it that says "4000 BC". It's not a University, it's fringe, fundamentalist indoctrination center.
  13. N.H. teenager arrested in Leominster mall for carrying loaded handgun

    Because he was buying shoes. No tax on clothes in MA.
  14. who's succesfully got their LTC after having DUI conviction expunged.

    I'll be watching that case with great interest. [wink]
  15. Moving to Maine with guns

    Question for some of those who have chimed in. If Maine is a constitutional carry state, what, if any benefit is there to getting a CC license?
  16. who's succesfully got their LTC after having DUI conviction expunged.

    This happened to me. Choose your attorney carefully. COMM2A is an excellent resource for advice. I wish I knew about them before my FLRB appeal.
  17. Portland, Maine restaurant. No AR15 owners

    Yes, I would. Her business, her rules, but it's not a wise business practice to alienate large segments of the population.
  18. Portland, Maine restaurant. No AR15 owners

    Imagine being such a brainwashed idealogue that you'd be willing to alienate a large group of potential customers in order to make a political statement? All politics aside, what a shite businessman. They must do more business than they can handle. [rolleyes]
  19. We need to close the scooter loophole

    These things are EVERYWHERE in the Philippines, and they drive them like maniacs. They also cram 3 people at a time on them, often with small children sandwiched in between two adults.
  20. We need to close the scooter loophole

    I travel to Europe a fair amount for work. They're dumbfounded over there when I tell them that guys who drive scooters in the US are largely viewed as pussies.
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