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  1. Another respiratory virus from China

    Since namedpipes didn't post this—as I expected he probably would—I feel it's my obligation to step in on his behalf and say... "one size fits all" does not mean you, Cindy
  2. Another respiratory virus from China

    We should organize a meet-up of NES members exhibiting cold/flu symptoms who are not afraid of passing sh*t around! Or we could all go to church and drink wine at communion out of the same cup. Let's test our immune systems!
  3. Joe Rogan endorses Sanders

    I don't think he's as much of a shooter as he is a hunter (mostly bow and arrow). If he didn't hunt, he probably wouldn't shoot much, if at all. From what I can tell, he is not a strong 2A supporter.
  4. Happy Chinese New Year!

    [wave] (Year of the Rat here) Happy Spring Festival and all the best to you, Cindy!
  5. Vote Jim Wallace for NRA Board

    Yes, they do.
  6. Vote Jim Wallace for NRA Board

    Done. Bullet voted for Jim.
  7. A Rant, if I may....

    Hopefully, Chinese food not cooked in "gutter oil."
  8. Hot Pepper Lovers

    watchman, I'm IN! PM incoming Thanks!
  9. Which evil POS to vote for in NH primary?

    Oh, good to know! However, wouldn't pulling a Dem ballot in the Primary (without switching back, as I noted) enroll me as a Dem for other future elections? I haven't been back in NH for very long, but that's how I thought it works.
  10. Which evil POS to vote for in NH primary?

    I'm undeclared, as well, so I can pull a Dem ballot, and I plan to vote for Yang for two reasons: 1) It's essentially a vote against their front runners. 2) If enough people vote Yang, maybe it will get more people talking about Artificial Intelligence and what to do about people who will lose...
  11. Taal volcano erupted

    I spent two of the most fun weeks of my life there! And I wish the good people of the Philippines who are affected by this ALL THE BEST.
  12. Neil Peart has Died...

    Such a great loss. I wonder what MAGG will say when he sees this.
  13. Beer

    I must get up to Kettlehead!
  14. Pistol Rack Karma

    In, please, and thanks!
  15. 15 rounds G43x G48X?

    They feel very good in the hand, too!
  16. Snowed in Gardner/Ashburnham

    I hired a new plow company this year, and I'm not happy at all with the way they "kinda cleared" my driveway in Hooksett (twice for this storm). I figured the first time could have been just a quick pass to open things up, but no. The final cleanup was worse. Among several other things, neither...
  17. The Arts Martial (A Megathread)

    Hahaha... I hear ya. We had concrete rollers (made from coffee can molds) to toughen up our lower legs, and there was a guy I studied with who kicked and broke oak baseball bats with his shin! ETA: I should have said that Uechi-Ryu is the style I got my black belt in (from Master Kanei Uechi)...
  18. The Arts Martial (A Megathread)

    Great thread idea, SpaceCritter! I studied martial arts while living in in Japan for two years and after competing there I was on a traveling Marine Corps fighting team based in CA, and then I trained with Bill "Superfoot" Wallace (a very-successful professional fighter and comedian John...
  19. Last day for Riley’s

    And I'm very happy to know them. Great guys!
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