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  1. Guardian Arms reputation?

    This^ To ME, the fact that Dowd is no longer involved is irrelevant. The fact that their policies directly mirror (verbatim, check both websites) those of the VV means that guns being sold there are more than likely guns that have been confiscated (stolen, really, IMO), and basically held...
  2. End of the pullman arms v. Healey case today?

    In my (IANAL) reading through the case documents, I believe you are exactly correct, unfortunately...
  3. Gov. Cuomo's Right: The Rich Are Leaving High-Tax NY Update post 65, rich getting attacked(audited)

    Rob, that post was from 2010, but in 2013 it was decided (via State Appeals/Federal District/2nd Circuit) that "residence" (as opposed to "domicile") is sufficient to be issued a New York State permit (Osterweil v. Bartlett).
  4. Any one want an armslist chuckle?

    LOL! Hey Mike [wave], alive and kicking! [thumbsup]
  5. Any one want an armslist chuckle?

    In the case of a LCFD, the transferee must have an LTC: If the transferee is sans LTC, the penalty for the transferor is 2.5-10 years imprisonment...
  6. Non-Resident Prohibition on Purchasing Ammo or Guns in MA (even with NR LTC)

    No kidding, eh? LOL C. 140 s.129C(q) used to read as follows: "(q) Any nonresident from a contiguous state, provided he is eighteen years of age or over when acquiring a rifle or shotgun, or ammunition, provided it is removed from the commonwealth within fourteen days of such acquisition...
  7. Mossberg "590 Shockwave": factory-made 14" barrel non-NFA 12GA firearm

    It would seem that under MA law it would be classified as a "firearm"...
  8. Mossberg "590 Shockwave": factory-made 14" barrel non-NFA 12GA firearm

    No can do, assuming you reside exclusively in MA. As it falls into the "other firearm" category, it must be obtained within your State of residence. See Question 16 and the instructions therefor...
  9. Offenses while a minor

    True, it will not show on the adult self-CORI, but WILL show on a juvenile self-CARI (Court Activity Record Information), available here... +1
  10. Massachusetts LTB? ("License to "Bulge")

    Are you not aware of, or conveniently ignoring, the plethora of case law which generally holds that not only is the mere presence of a firearm not PC, but doesn't even rise to the level of RAS?
  11. gun purchase

    Yes, you are both correct. Mea Culpa.
  12. gun purchase

    Maybe. The waiting period is codified in RIGL 11-47-35... ...and RIGL 11-47-35.1 provides an exemption for town issued permits only... If you...
  13. Foreign national and hunting in MA

    With some exceptions, as noted above, one of them being applicable to the OP's situation. I should have stated "MGLs allows issuance to SOME non-resident, non-immigrant, aliens..."
  14. Foreign national and hunting in MA

    MGLs allows issuance to a non-resident, non-immigrant, alien...
  15. Foreign national and hunting in MA

    Not necessarily true. There are Federal issues pertaining to possession of firearms and ammunition by non-immigrant aliens that are laid out in this thread:
  16. Ruger 10/22 aftermarket stock

    IMO, it's not as cut and dry anymore, as they CAN (and do, to most States) ship directly from Ruger with factory "large capacity" magazines.
  17. EVERY SHOOTER Should Get a C&R FFL!

    Notification is required no less than 30 days prior...
  18. Carrying Mace as a PP

    Absent an affidavit, MA law prohibits possession...
  19. What is up with stripped AR lowers, is the age to purchase 18 or 21?

    A frame or receiver can only be transferred to those 21 or older. See the instructions for Form 4473:
  20. Moving from Massachusetts to Maine

    Welcome to the forum! As Len stated, the only notification required is to the the licensing authority who issued your LTC, and the CHSB, via certified mail within 30 days... ETA: The bolded portion is moot...
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