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  1. SHOT show 2020 anouncement megathread

    Vortex new gen3 razor 1-10x is looking sweet
  2. NES Membership karma pay it forward =>

    The winner is Dench #21 Just contacted Derek about paying. Thanks everyone
  3. Who can recommend a good shooting club for my first club?

    You’re pretty much spot on. It’s shared with a bunch of different local pd’s for training. It used to be $60 but they raised it effectively Jan1,2020 I believe to $120. I just like it because they have steel setup at 200,300, and 500yds. So it’s fun to go there on weekend mornings, not have...
  4. Who can recommend a good shooting club for my first club?

    Yes woodcock. No guests allowed. No qualification for any distance. Don’t think they have a website. The hours suck, especially in the summer 9am-3or4pm 7 days a week or something like that I believe non-residents of newbedford and Dartmouth have gone up to $120/yr
  5. Pier 1 Will Close Up To 450 Stores, Reportedly Nearing Bankruptcy Filing

    I got a $100 gift card for there years back (pretty sure my sister regifted it). Anyway I couldn’t find anything I liked and ended up with a 6ft tall giraffe sculpture lol.
  6. Step aside 6.5 Creedmoor

    Right, I’m glad I’ve stayed with .308 instead of venturing into the flavor of the week and then end up with some eventually unsupported caliber.
  7. Rhode Island AG: Hometown Cops Should Be Alerted To Gun Buys

    Not sure if RI has the equivalent, but in MA cops can see any gun ever FA-10’d to you in your MA LTC’s existence. Edit: .....but don’t worry, they assure us that there is no gun registry.
  8. NES Membership karma pay it forward =>

    Looks like I won FreeSiftyTheven’s NES membership karma (which originally came from Jack). I was slacking and was overdue anyway. I’d like to pay it forward as well and pay for someone else. Post In, and I’ll pick a random winner next Sunday 1/12 10pm EST
  9. Paying it forward - Green Membership Karma

    In, I’m way overdue for a renewal but have been slacking. If I win I pledge to do the same and pay it forward
  10. Democrats 2020 Megathread - There can be only one!

    Already gone
  11. Need a longer propane regulator hose for generator...

    I can probably get you a hose but need to know the other side of the hose. You say that one is 3/8jicf but the other side looks like either 1/4 or 3/8 npt male
  12. The President Trump Megathread

    A little off topic but I feel like people (Trump could benefit from this...hugely) need to stop calling themselves and others xxxxxx Americans. Just say that anybody that loves this country and wants to see it an American. Not an Asian American, or a Caucasian American, or African...
  13. Controversial Lawmaker Who Served Time for Teen Sex Scandal Wins Virginia State Senate Seat

    We need a “wtf is wrong with Virginia” megathread lol
  14. City Of Chicago Working Around Clock To Clear 18 Inches Of Bullet Casings From Streets

    Tasty? Those things will make you cry lol
  15. City Of Chicago Working Around Clock To Clear 18 Inches Of Bullet Casings From Streets

    Hopefully OP knows that’s a satire site. But pretty funny anyway.
  16. Just when I thought I was getting over Bass Pro and the Fashion show....

    I truly believe this is due to all the deadbeat youtubers that buy stuff to post a crappy review and pretend like they’ve had it forever and then return it after they film their video.
  17. Glock announces G44 in .22LR

    People that are new to glocks must be so damn confused. Glock44 is 22lr, Glock40 is 10mm, glock38 is 45gap, glock22 is 40 lol
  18. The President Trump Megathread

    The worst part is that the audience actually applauds that crap
  19. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    In the trash
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