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  1. New Gun Giveaway! Win an FN SCAR 17S

    In again
  2. Time to get real

    And don’t forget an AR! Be sure they mention “pre-Healy” (that means it’s super legal) And don’t worry about the $600 price tag for a lower. It’s worth it!
  3. Eminem recreates 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting in haunting new music video for song Darkness

    The only thing that bothers me about the new video is at the end there’s essentially this PSA demanding “gun control now”
  4. Eminem recreates 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting in haunting new music video for song Darkness

    Old eminem: “they wanna take away my right to bear arms, what, am I supposed to fight with bare palms?” New Eminem: whatever the f*** that was. Hack.
  5. Who wants $500,000?

    So your saying you didn’t win sh*t despite having Park Place and Boardwalk?
  6. Ruger introduces their take on the FN Five-Seven

    Meh, better than the “legendary” .22 Glock.

    You have to send fingerprint cards to the ATF. CLEO doesn’t need to sign off on anything. But you are supposed to send him a notification that you are building one. It’s on one of the forms, on the page (top or bottom, I forget) it will say “CLEO COPY”. Send him that.
  8. Legal age to buy cigarettes, vapes raised to 21 in the United States

    I wish I could take back every vote I made between the ages of 18-21 so I don’t necessarily disagree with this one.
  9. CTRL+Pew "3D-Printable AKM Receiver" download available

    Logistically speaking, how would the AG or Democratic Republic of MA know if you printed one or not?
  10. Guns, cigarettes, and rebellion

    I’m starting to think cigarettes may be good for you with how hard they’ve always been campaigning against them. Maybe I should start smoking...
  11. You need to move to New Hampshire...

    “First they came for Massachusetts, and I did not speak up because I was in New Hampshire...”
  12. The Official NES Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Gripefest thread SPOILERS ALLOWED, UPDATE 12/20

    Watch them in release order, I like the prequels, but you need to see the OT first for context to truly appreciate them.
  13. 2019 / 2020 Skiing & Boarding Thread

    Thinking about buying a pass this season. Any budget-friendly suggestions?
  14. Commuting from NH: is it worth it?

    I work from home 2 days a week. I could probably get one more. 5 would be a stretch, but not out of the question I don’t think. I’m an analyst. I’d certainly be open to a new job/company, it is not as if I’m in my dream job or getting paid all that much. I just figure if I were to buy a house...
  15. Commuting from NH: is it worth it?

    It’s a 25-30 minute drive with no traffic. But where I am in Quincy, most of the time is lost trying to get on 93
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