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  1. HK shoutout at the Grammys last night.

    I forget which show it was, maybe Pawn Stars, but they delivered or picked up a pistol to his house on the South Shore.
  2. Iranian national found with knives on Flagler Memorial Bridge, Palm Beach police say

    The only thing that would be illegal would be if he was concealing the machete or any knife over 4”. If it was in the open, not illegal.
  3. Iranian national found with knives on Flagler Memorial Bridge, Palm Beach police say

    So what did he do that was cause for arrest?
  4. So, what did ya get?

    Synthetic winch rope for the Jeep, call of duty, and some Home Depot and various gift cards.
  5. Wells Fargo worker stole tens of thousands of $; Posted stacks of cash on social media; Uses ATM to put money in his account; 18 times

    A few. When I worked at one of the companies, they fired a few people for taking money from ATMs. One had a good racket going for a few years.
  6. Dog food brands that can cause heart failure...

    I’ll have to rethink. I feed both my dogs Taste of the Wild.
  7. Electricians, step on in. Recessed lighting

    We are doing a few other rooms before the kitchen. I’ll have him look at them and give me the best option. I’m just looking for an updated look.
  8. Electricians, step on in. Recessed lighting

    Sounds like it’s wafer light time. My buddy just installed some in my living room where we had no overhead lights. I just wanted something to do on my own that didn’t require wiring.
  9. Electricians, step on in. Recessed lighting

    I figured as much. I don’t want to tear them out either because the ceiling has a texture to it.
  10. Electricians, step on in. Recessed lighting

    This is what I’m working with. The trim is attached to the can and if I remove it, only leaves the frame nailed to the joists.
  11. Electricians, step on in. Recessed lighting

    They are lightolier 1102p frame in kits. If it requires rewriting, I’ll let my electrician handle it. I was hoping there was some sort of can that would attach to it and then I could use these b...
  12. Electricians, step on in. Recessed lighting

    I have recessed lighting in my kitchen that I want to retrofit to LED. I have LED bulbs in them now, but the housings are dated. They were installed around 1990. Since there isn’t a can to it, only trim that would be removed, what are my options for LED retrofit. These are what’s up there now
  13. Halloween postponed?

    Even if I’m home, I would only give out candy on Halloween. It’s rain.
  14. Didn't RSVP to a wedding, now I'm a jerk

    After just dealing with this last week, there are timelines that they have. We had a date of 9/25 to receive all the RSVP cards by, and we just received one yesterday. Our final count was due 10/5. I called them on the 26 and left a message. Good thing they declined because I didn’t count them.
  15. Wings of Freedom Tour

    The B17 just crashed in Connecticut. They say it hit a building, just not saying if it was flying or rolling.
  16. Confused in Mass

    Curtis liquors in Weymouth delivers.
  17. I saw these evil things at a store in Florida today

    Bottle breacher makes a really good one with plenty of designs.
  18. Tool tour to come to TD Garden to promote ‘Fear Inoculum,’ the band’s 1st album in 13 years

    I knew tickets were going to be stupidly priced. I’ll just blast the new album at home and have someone dump beer on me.
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