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  1. Sword vs. Spear...? Lol

    It is not quite martial, as the spear point is not sharp, but it is also not totally ceremonial. Seems to be along the lines of a training arm.
  2. Sword vs. Spear...? Lol

    One Bec De Corbin, compliments of the Higgins Armory.
  3. Another respiratory virus from China

    This virus is fascinating to me, and honestly rather frightening. I know more than your average person about the spread of pathogens. Given the relative ease at which this spreads, along with the roughly 5% mortality rate, and the recent evidence that points to reptiles as the reservoir host...
  4. A Letter from HR:. We Need to Chat

    Funny you mention that, about 20 years ago, I sent a Manila Envelope to a friend with the note "Anthrax Enclosed" in the corner. It was tickets and stickers to an Anthrax concert. The post office was not amused.
  5. Sword vs. Spear...? Lol

    One of the swords hangs over the bar @ Medusa Brewing Company. The other sits in my living room.
  6. About that time again.

    Thankfully, I have never needed to take these sorts of meds for more than a couple days. Right now, my shoulder sort of feels like some sadistic jerk is slowly drilling into my shoulder, packing the hole with rock salt, then washing it out with vinegar.
  7. Sword vs. Spear...? Lol

    They own a significant portion of it. A goodly amount was sold off at a pair of auctions. I have two swords and a Bec de Corbin I purchased from one of the auctions, along with a steel and glass desk, the Higgins Armory iPod, some costume pieces, and an amazing enameled letter opener from...
  8. About that time again.

    Since the first surgery, my range of motion has been so limited I learned how to do that left handed many times over.
  9. About that time again.

    Found out Friday I need to have my right shoulder reconstructed for the 3rd time. I currently practice left handed shooting fairly regularly, as I am left eye dominant, and want to be prepared if something happens left vs. right handed. Any tips or tricks I ought to be aware of other than...
  10. TV moments that were/are perfect

    For me, it was the fact that the scene was so well written, and tackled the topic in such a blunt manner.
  11. TV moments that were/are perfect

    Watching Babylon 5 again, just hit what I feel is one of my favorite scenes. Curious if folks have anything else they would like to share. Background: G'Kar is a former ambassador, turned political prisoner, turned religious/philosophical figure. His people have been slaughtered, enslaved...
  12. New Acquisitions January 2020 - Firearms Only!

    I picked this up today. SAO P226 Legion, not a bad firearm at all!
  13. 6th Grader Shoots Teacher, Students in Mexico

    Two of the students shot and the teacher who died are part of the FIRST Robotics program. The team I mentor sent out a condolence card to the team. Too many evil people in the world.
  14. Teacher throws kid out of class

    I watched the video which doesn't show the whole account.
  15. Teacher throws kid out of class

    A teacher in Florida is on paid leave following an arrest after he picked up an unruly student and actually carried him out of the class and shoved him away. According to news reports, he asked the 14 year old student to turn off his music in the class, and the student refused. When the...
  16. Resident Of Two States

    * Or an FID for FID compliant long guns.
  17. AD at Hardwick Rod & Gun

    *Absent a gross malfunction of the firearm. "Remington Moments" or the "Taurus Shake" are the sort of examples I can think of.
  18. Car Dealership Highway Robbery

    The code was not an OBDII code. It is one of the proprietary codes that manufacturers get to keep secret. My local guy could read the code, but it was not one he had ever seen before. EKN Excess Temperature, so before he started poking around, he wanted more than the 80% sure path.
  19. Mass vehicle sales tax

    Not accurate either. I have also bought a vehicle from a dealer in Rhode Island, and the Registry took their paperwork at face value.
  20. Car Dealership Highway Robbery

    The Not Patrick Subaru, the sales weasel had just talked me up about how good the condition of my car was, how it was one of the rare colors, in high demand, etc..... Then he handed me the estimate. I am going with my local shop to get the stuff done, he walked me around the car and said that...
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