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  1. Hope you don't need anything at Stop & Shop

    Market basket to western mass please!
  2. Anyone planning on giving knives this Christmas? 2018, 2019

    I have 2 old school BSA pocketknives . Nice carbon steel. One is mine. One was my dads. Going to nephews. After the obligatory lessons on knife safety. They will of course cut themselves at some point or close the blade on a finger. Lord knows I did when my uncle gave me my first folder. Other...
  3. Pennsylvania man guns down ex-wife in public with AR-15

    Kennedy was scheduled to exchange the couple's child at the store, but he apparently arrived alone, Copeland said. Where is the poor kid at? Mom dead....Murdering dad OD. Didn't see any mention of where the kid is. Sad. And terrible journalism.
  4. Dry firing your gun?

    This. 'Cause Pops said."
  5. Westfield Sportsmen's club, hours?

    +1 on PVSC . never been but many friends go there.
  6. Westfield Sportsmen's club, hours?

    I'm a member there. 8 am til dark. Members have a gate key but no shooting before those hours (or after). A range officer has to be there or the ranges will be gated. From my experience always GTG . Always a need for more volunteer officers but I've only been shut down twice in many years...
  7. School me on Android Auto

    Android auto is an accident waiting to happen
  8. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone!
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