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  1. Parenting 201: What is snapchat? how much trouble can my 13yo daughter get into?

    Has it occurred to anybody that people are going to send nudes regardless? At least snapchat has the self destruct feature. It doesn't prevent the spread of the pics completely, but its better than it just living on an email server for eternity. You either need to accept what technology is...
  2. Star Wars Rogue One

    It's really more about showing fans of the franchise that this one wasn't completely shot on a green screen either than about showing its artistic merits. They're still trying to separate themselves from episodes one, two and three with these ads (they did one just like it for episode 7).
  3. What are some humorous vanity plates you've seen or have?

    Those are my buddy Ross' cars! XTYNCT on the GTO and NOTAV 6 on his Monte
  4. Gipsy Moth Infestation

    Do they give anybody else a rash? I've been trying to find the poison ivy in my yard that the dog must have been tracking in for a month now, thinking it was the source of this outbreak of rashes my wife and I have been getting. That is until I leaned on the railing of my deck and landed on one...
  5. What are some humorous vanity plates you've seen or have?

    Saw +TACO+ (NH) on 95 North in Attleboro this morning on a gray Tacoma. Back window had hunting and 2A stickers galore, so I'm assuming it's been posted in this thread already and probably owned by s member.
  6. What are some humorous vanity plates you've seen or have?

    On an HHR? That makes Kylo Ren sad.
  7. IPhone virus?

    The thing Gomer Pile posted is how I would fix it if it was at my shop. I'd restore it through itunes, then after its up and running again I'd hard reset it through the settings (settings, general, reset, erase all content and settings), then during the activation process I'd select the "restore...
  8. IPhone virus?

    Yeah once you see that screen everything is gone. You didn't have anything backed up in icloud?
  9. IPhone virus?

    I'd do an iTunes restore on your computer. Is this what you see on the screen?
  10. Star Wars Rogue One

    Who do you think will be playing Vader in these movies?
  11. Perfectly good Mid-90s Cold Steel Voyager, thrown in the garbage...

    I have twice stuffed whatever knife I'm carrying in a flower pot/shrub because I forgot to leave it in the car. No problems recovering them afterwards. They were good knives, but didn't have a lot sentimental value to them (and were replaceable for not a lot of money).
  12. 10mm EAA Witness or Sig 220

    I've got the Limited Witness in 10mm and I love it. Not sure if you're in Mass or not, but being stuck with 10 rounders for it would frustrate me to no end (especially since you can get almost 20 with some of Henning Walgren's basepads).
  13. Missing phone location often mistakenly show as one couple's home...

    Also, for getting location hits that aren't where you are but are some place you were it could just be showing a last known position. All depends on the phone after its last good connection. Do you work in Cambridge? Do you have your phone set to WiFi only for data and your location services...
  14. Missing phone location often mistakenly show as one couple's home...

    That's WiFi mapping. If you're in an area where your phone gets pinged off multiple routers at once it can paint a very accurate picture.
  15. Missing phone location often mistakenly show as one couple's home...

    That's because your number was based out of Brockton (like Pepper said). I'm going to guess it was either 508-326-xxxx or 774-259-xxxx. Those were the more popular Brockton exchanges Sprint owned whem I worked there.
  16. 458 SOCOM

    He's shooting the wrong Lehigh bullets for the SOCOM. I give you the 97 grain, 3,000fps aluminum .458.
  17. Stupid things gun counter clerks say

    So what I want to know (since you collect 39's) is if you have an ASP or a Devel.
  18. Stupid things gun counter clerks say

    Not exactly. I can buy a handgun anywhere. I've even bought a handgun in Mass before. I can only take possession in my home state after a dealer transfer, but the actual purchase happens wherever the gun is.
  19. Fallout 4

    Which was Fallout with dragons. [wink]
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