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  1. Thanks for clearing that up maura

    I'm calling tomorrow to get clarification on how we are a threat to first responders.
  2. MA Towns Suspending Licensing?

    Hats off to your PD for going the extra mile when we consider the "state of the state" we are in.
  3. Installing TruGlo Night Sights at the Mill

    They could be right out straight, or gone for the day. They're more of a 9 -12 thing on Sat. Or by appt. Jason at CDS is there all weekend, unless this has something to do with Faker.
  4. Gun Parlor in Worcester stays open despite governor’s order closing non-essential businesses amid COVID-19

    Customer Defense Solutions USA 978-431-0251. He's been keeping hours in the evening from 6-8 and weekends 9-5 Sat /Sun. From Brian L.
  5. Installing TruGlo Night Sights at the Mill

    If that doesn't work, you can try Yarkov at 978-431-0202. He knows CZ. There is an amped up frenzy as you know for arms, so they may not have legit time to answer phones.
  6. Installing TruGlo Night Sights at the Mill

    You can try Jason in the same building at Custom Defense Solutions USA 2 left instead of first left in the Mill and go down the Hall on the right. Like Jack said it's luck of the draw and there are guys in there that can do it. He keeps longer hours 9-5 SAT / SUN unless otherwise allowed with...
  7. My range is now closed...

    My club, Fitchburg Sportsmen's Club has closed all facilities in and out until further notice.
  8. SOLD LNIB Ruger PCC 9mm Rifle

  9. BEC0052

  10. SOLD S&W Shield 9mm

    Exc. condition: Ameriglo Hackathorn front night sight, talon wrap around grip, box and manual and the 2 issued mags. This is a Gen 1 with T/S. $200. E FA-10 on YOUR smart device. Not looking for trades. Bring your Class A LTC. All law, rules, and regs to be followed. Contact: PM or leave VM...
  11. SOLD SA ROE Champion 9mm LNIB

    As In: Springfield Armory Range OfficerElite Champion - Commander size. Excellent condition, maybe a 250 rds. through it. Comes with box, bag, and 2 magazines. E FA-10 with YOUR smart device. For Class A LTC holders only. $800. No looking for trades. All laws, rules, and regs to be followed...
  12. Merry Christmas 2019

    Merry X-Mas and Happy New Year to all.
  13. AG Sues Florida Gun Dealers Over Refusal To Hand Over Sales Records

    You mean like Hillary with those 33,000 emails she deleted?
  14. Monadnock Rod and Gun Club 15 Gun Raffle. WINNERS IN OP

    Any total on total on what the club made for the cause?
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