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  1. Block gen 5

    Picked up a G17 Gen 5. I like it more than the Gen 4 I had previously. The removal of the finger grooves is a huge improvement, and I like the flared magwell.
  2. Rant on Malden PD LTC process

    I got my ltc in malden exactly 12 months ago and it couldn't have been smoother. I didn't even talk to a Leo.
  3. 9th Circuit - "Good Cause" Requirement Unconstitutional

    Great news, so they'll be allowed to buy guns, but not able to because the manufacturers all pulled out due to onerous ca specific requirements
  4. New NYC mayor is a wayyyyyyy out in left field

    Action Item: Shut down carriage rides because you want the horses to live a better life. Likely Result: Most horses sent to the dog food factory.
  5. If they only knew

    We talk about guns a LOT at my work, lots of pro-gun shirts, NES hoodies, etc.
  6. MRA today?

    You are crazy :)
  7. Gun Violence report in the hands of DeLeo

    Translation: "There are too many green towns"
  8. Gun Violence report in the hands of DeLeo

    Tons of updates directly on Carl's twitter page:
  9. Sig Sauer buy one get one

    Ah. well that sucks.
  10. Sig Sauer buy one get one

    Does anyone know of any MA FFLs that are participating in this promotion?
  11. Facts are whatever Giron says they are

    The NRA is run by gun manufacturers? I might actually prefer that.
  12. Shops that carry stripped lowers

    If you are looking for something specific, you are probably stuck with online. Mass Firearms School had some stripped lowers when I was there a few days ago.
  13. where do you store your ammo?

    My ammo is in locked ammo boxes on wire racks. Unfortunately since I just have nowhere else to store the boxes, the racks are in the utility area in my basement where the electrical panel and furnace are, so if either of them need to be services there will be in plain view.
  14. Massachusetts Rifle Association - Woburn, MA

    Had my written and shooting test last night, really looking forward to getting my membership in 2 weeks!
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