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  1. Bullseye equipment

    You can take that one. Would be a while for me to get there
  2. Bullseye equipment

    Where abouts are you located?
  3. Bullseye equipment

    No rush man, I know that struggle, i had both hips replaced 2 years ago. No rush and I hope for a speedy recovery.
  4. Bullseye equipment

    Well let me know if you want sell the box also, if you can grab some pics I b.c. would be interested
  5. Bullseye equipment

    I agree, I shot last night and my scope was a little off to the left. I could have made an adjustment and shot a 280. Lol
  6. Bullseye equipment

    I'm basically looking for good deals so I dont spend more than I need to, if anyone upgraded and wants to get rid of spare equipment, I'm happy with my gun. I'm more looking for range boxes, spot scopes, stuff like that.
  7. Bullseye equipment

    I shot a 128 last week on iron, this week 242 on red dot
  8. Bullseye equipment

    I'm shooting at Hopedale, I bought a mark 3 with red dot. I was shooting a mark 1 with iron sights, I put up a way better score with the red dot. I'm not trying to spend too much either. I just see some of the advantages of some of the equipment, and basically looking for people that are...
  9. Bullseye equipment

    I just recently got introduced to bullseye pistol competition, and I'm enjoying it, I just acquired a good pistol but am looking for range boxes, spot scopes, and anything to go with the sport. I'm short on money so looking for cheap buys.
  10. NES/MFS August Giveaway

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