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  1. Arrest in Lawrence

    Apparently you don't understand what you read, I'm not surprise tho. Projecting whats going on in your life/household ?
  2. CNN at it again

  3. Arrest in Lawrence

    Really ? .....point us to a town/city with zero crime, so that we can dis-mantle the police force in said town. Blaming the city "Lawrence", for the actions of an individual is OK ? Support that attitude the next time some liberal/politician blames GUNS instead of the perpetrator.
  4. Arrest in Lawrence

    ?? Similar sh*t like that happens in all 350 cities and towns of Massachusetts... and in other states too .... believe it or not.
  5. Detailed steps on how to apply for a license in Boston

    You received an FIC/FID
  6. Black Gun Owners

    Ability to pay the rent LOL - - - Updated - - - Cite/valid source ?
  7. Black Gun Owners

    In Massachusetts all my tenants are Hispanic or Black, and all are legal gun owners. In New Hampshire all my Hispanic, Black, White, and other tenants, are all legal gun owners.
  8. Can you hear me now ?

    Adrenaline muffles the sound of gunfire a lot, believe me, getting shot at, or shooting at a person.
  9. Can you hear me now ?

    This is also my experience.. no hearing loss or ailments.
  10. Can you hear me now ?

    Anyone ever forget to put on/in their hearing protection and discharged their firearm ? What caliber bullet was fired, and has it affected your hearing today ?
  11. New indoor range in Tyngsborough?

    Hmmm, your wife, maybe ?
  12. Seattle gun tax failure ? Firearm sales plummet, violence spikes after law passes

    When the City of Seattle passed a tax on all sales of guns and ammunition, the measure was hailed as a way to defray the rising costs of gun violence. But since the tax took effect, those costs have only risen as gun violence in the city has surged. And the tax has apparently brought in...
  13. Congressman Shot
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