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  1. Off-hand accuracy @ 100 yards

    The standard offhand target ring dimensions for a high power match at 100 yards are as follows Aiming Black (inches) Xring ......... 1.35 10ring......... 3.35 9ring.......... 6.35 Rings in White (inches) 8ring.......... 9.35 7ring......... 12.35 6ring......... 15.35 5ring......... 18.35
  2. Jeep top question

    Anyone have experience with the Bimini replacement tops. My softtop has about had it. I survived the winter with no rear window but I'd like a different setup. I just want the front seats enclosed. This could be done with a Bimini top and what they call a wind stopper panel. I have the top down...
  3. Peloton anyone?

    You can get the classes without buying their bike. We bought a bike from Gym Source and a subscription from Peloton. My wife uses it religiously. The subscription for classes (an app actually) is about $13 a month.
  4. Q: What bag(s) to slog all NRA highpower competition gear?

    Most of the shooters who would answer you are at the National Matches at Camp Perry this week. Most guys use some sort of wheeled stool. The seat incorporates a bag with pockets. The jacket and mat are often folded onto the seating area. The spotting scope is usually lashed on as well. Bungee...
  5. Ultrasonic Cleaners

    Harbor freight. Buy, use, break. Repeat as needed 2.5 Liter Ultrasonic Cleaner
  6. ranges near Bristol NH?
  7. Amazon prime video

    Thanks for the quick responses. Seems like a decent deal if you do much shipping at all. I'm going to try the free 30 day trial and see how it works out
  8. Amazon prime video

    Question that's going to really show my tech ignorance. With a Prime membership can you watch videos on tvs other than in your home? I know about mobile devices and such but I'm pretty low tech. If I have cable/internet in a second home, can I use my account in both places? TIA
  9. Possession vs Ownership

  10. Possession vs Ownership

    "This is a facetious question. What makes you state that a new Glock is prohibited?" To the keyboard nitpickers: sorry for my lack of expression. By prohibited I meant unable to walk into a dealer and buy new. Paying way more for a used non-collectible than new, retail cost just seems crazy to me.
  11. Possession vs Ownership

    I know in general you can lend guns to another licensed person in state. My question is, can a Massachusetts LTC person possess/carry/store a prohibited(think new Glock) firearm lent to him from an out of state friend? TIA
  12. Reading Rifle and Revolver

    Past that building is the 200 yard firing line. That building has some benches and firing points that are somewhat protected from the elements. You need to have someone walk you through the range procedures. Bob can do it or a high power shooter. There are matches both days this weekend. That's...
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