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  1. Question on Private Sale/Transfer

    Just borrow them forever
  2. Do I have an HVAC issue or an electrical issue ?

    Not so, this is cooling season, break downs like this take top priority and will get fit in,
  3. share your pickle recipes

    I make some awesome whole dill pickles, no boiling involved, ready in 2 weeks Ill send recipe later
  4. House passes 2022 assault weapons ban

    It'll only work if they try to confiscate in every city and town in the US on the same day. Otherwise, once word gets out they are coming, people will be ready.
  5. Why you should go to the bank armed

    I thought its been stated on here many times that there is no law against carrying in a bank, only the post office on our daily routine
  6. Why you should go to the bank armed

    You can take out whatever you want, over 10k they need to report it to the IRS
  7. Ban on all semi auto rifles on deck

    What good is that?
  8. WTS S&W model 442 38 revolver

  9. Supreme Court - NYSRPA v. Bruen - Megathread

    To be clear, you are not getting a certified letter to send, you are writing your own letter and sending it certified mail. Problem is, only you knows what's in the envelope, the receipt only shows the PD got your envelope.
  10. Supreme Court - NYSRPA v. Bruen - Megathread

    Is it even neccessary to "remove" restrictions, I thought this new ruling made all that null and void. If I had a restricted I would disregard it all together and definitely not wait for permission to do so.
  11. Not Staying in NYC Hotels

    If a hotel knows you gave a gun, it's all on you.
  12. Bad vendor policy

    That's BS, it is very common to have packages left at other places with nothing in common with the street name or #, it has been happening more and more and that is 100% on the shipping company. Not a day goes by that I don't hear or see a post about missing packages the shipper posts as being...
  13. Help out a Widow with identifying and pricing Husband's collection
  14. 300+ yard ranges in Mass

    My club has a 300 yard range, being a member and paying yearly dues is required to reap the benefits
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