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  1. Local shop for night sights

    First defense in uxbridge should be able to hook you up.
  2. Where to find 7.62x54r on a Sunday morning

    First defense in uxbridge opens at 10 today.
  3. Uppers in stock, in or around MA?

    First defense uxbridge website says they have complete uppers in stock. Best bet is to call.
  4. Why I'm seeing more Glocks for sale in the classified?

    I have a 30SF your welcome to shoot. Hopkinton sportsman. PM me if your interested.
  5. help finding a mil spec buffer tube

    Try First Defense in Uxbridge.
  6. AR-15 thread... I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

    Okey dokey... Got the bits to get my upper ready to run in anger. Waiting on QD lower...or maybe another billet lower, we'll see, I'm impatient. In the meantime I'm gonna bring her to the range with my S&W lower and dirty it up, and get it zero'd. Once I get the lower situation figured out I'll...
  7. First gun purchase delayed

    Wrong pin. Issuing town gives pin for when a finger print scanner in not available. Pin referenced here is a fed upin meant to avoid delays due to common name issues etc...
  8. Contemplating a new holster....

    A loaded G30 weighs in at 33.7oz. For reference, an ounce more than a fully loaded G17.
  9. Contemplating a new holster....

    What do you carry in it ? I ask because with the weight of the G30 I have found the single point of attachment to be really uncomfortable. Just too much weight sitting in one spot. With a super tuck syle you get the advantage of two wide attachment points as well as the large leather backing...
  10. Contemplating a new holster....

    I assume for concealed.... I find paddle holsters stick out pretty far away from the body and jiggle around a bit, especially the lower quality ones like Fobus. If I was going to OWB concealed, I would probably be looking at something more like a raven concealment. What are you carrying in now...
  11. 2 Interseting peices of case law relative to the AWB and civil rights

    Miller has been talked about here many times by people much smarter than I.
  12. AR grips

    Ergo Ergo Sure Grip AR 15/M16 Grip Kit, Ambidextrous (Black): Sports & Outdoors
  13. AR grips

    I just got a ergo for my in progress build. I can tell I'm going to love it and if you want something really grippy I would say definitely worth a look.
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