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  1. Want to buy manual transmission sports car before they're gone

    I had a 2013 and a 2016, so I experienced both the 2.5 and 2.0 versions. In fact, the Limited model I had with the 2.0 had literally every option (including the 'Sport' package with STI wheels/exhaust) and I ended up paying a little more than I would have for a base STI because I wanted to give...
  2. Want to buy manual transmission sports car before they're gone

    Nissan is looking to release a new 400Z coupe, which is rumored to be getting a 6 speed gearbox and twin turbo V6: 2021 Nissan 400Z Will Revive the Z-Car's Legacy with Twin-Turbo V-6 Power If so, that might be a car worth looking into. I owned a manual 350Z (the stronger HR version) but found...
  3. HUGE Riots all over the USA/Other places too. Mr. Floyd is forgotten now. Rioting/Looting/Antifa-Anarchy/Soros & Co. MEGATHREAD!!!

    Fixed it. Charges were dropped because FL has a Republican governor. If this had been Wisconsin, Minnesota, Washington, or any other liberal run state this guy would still be locked away and fighting any charge they could make stick. They know exactly what they are doing. This is a concerted...
  4. Tactical Gear Thread: Lets see your Body Armor, BOB, Vests, Warbelts, IFAK Kits, etc.

    Honestly, it looks like one of the cheaper more generic versions- like the Condor plate carriers. I could be wrong, but I own both the Shellback and the Condor cheaper version, and that's what I thought of right away.
  5. Tactical Gear Thread: Lets see your Body Armor, BOB, Vests, Warbelts, IFAK Kits, etc.

    Excellent quality (at least the Shellback, I own one). Not sure about the plates since I purchased mine separately through a group buy on here several years ago.
  6. PS4 games for old people

    God of War for PS4 has been one of the better/funner games I've played. Far Cry 5 was a lot of fun as well. I grew up loving the COD and Morrowind type games, but without a direct LAN connection and a comparatively crappy router, multiplayer just isn't the same (I routinely get sniped by little...
  7. Deals and steals

    I just grabbed a pair of Merrell MOAB 2 Defense boots for $84.99 (free prime shipping) through Woot: MERRELL Moab 2 Defense (WIDE SIZES) - $84.99 - Free shipping for Prime members Reviews looked pretty solid. They only come in Coyote Brown, but have both 'Regular' and 'Wide' sizes available.
  8. What are your Post-Covid Plans...?

    Also looking to find a new home somewhere in AZ (have a brother out there), maybe a new job there too. I was looking before all this madness happened, haven't lost sight- just put temporarily on hold...
  9. Corona Virus Local SITREP Thread

    Middleton MB wasn't too bad as of 10:30 am. No Clorox wipes, sanitizer or similar but there was TP still left and there were limits posted for a wide range of items (tomato sauce, etc.). Fresh chicken, beef, pork and pretty much everything else appeared to be stocked and available.
  10. Economic "Doom" Mega thread

    One card too many, or the perfect cover to allow their ineptitude and corruption to be conveniently overlooked and have history blame this on the virus. Few people seem to recall Rumsfeld announcing $2.3 Trillion worth of missing transaction from the Pentagon on 9/10/01
  11. Prep of The Day Thread

    I strongly recommend that anyone serious about building their immune start building up D3 in their body. Toxicity is highly unlikely, you would need to take 40-100k i.u.'s a day for months to come close. D3 acts more like a hormone than a standard 'vitamin', but this makes it highly effective...
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