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  1. Bradshaw Bashers and DB custom knuckles

    Up for sale is a pair of Bradshaw Bashers, they are made by the Bradshaw knife company, these could be considered a paperweight. They are CNC machined piece of heavy brass, Asking $75 shipped Sold as display item only DB customs Sold Will follow all state and federal laws
  2. Has anyone been to Gartman Arms on Route 1 lately?

    They have updated their Facebook, looks like they are opening up shortly, I was beginning to think the rumors of a shoot out there might have been true.
  3. What kind of gun belt do you use for your carry?

    8 years ago to bought a wilderness belt, still going strong
  4. Has anyone been to Gartman Arms on Route 1 lately?

    Judging by the abnormal questions you've asked on the forum, (counterfeit guns) I can see why they gave you one word answers. Especially if they were busy. I've seen those guys use their phones on multiple occasions to order guns for people.
  5. Glock refusing to do business in MA?

    So I just tried to order a Glock from my distributor And.........
  6. SBRs and the new assault weapon ban

    I spoke with Ted Clutter last week, and all NFA assault weapons are on hold for mass, until they get more info if legal to posses from the state
  7. WTS German/ Nazi Parade dagger

    This dagger/ bayonet is in good shape, asking $50, will ship for $10 Located Norton area
  8. Mass Roster updated -new addition

    Off list guns are easy to get, just have to look. And if you really look, you'll pay retail.
  9. Maine restaurant spurns those who are OK with AR-15s - Boston.com article

  10. List of gun stores closing for the rally .

    Staying open for another interview?
  11. List of gun stores closing for the rally .

    Someone's nose is brown, maybe you'll get a discount on bolt action mossberg. The smaller shops closing are taking a larger hit than he is. He doesn't care about rifles, His Market is M&P's below other dealers cost!
  12. SU16C MA Legality

    The new one fires when folded
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