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    On a whim, I called Old Glory in Mason, NH and they had one in stock. $399 out the door! [cheers] [mg]

    Anyone have a source to buy one of these kits? Seems everywhere they're sold out and not available?
  3. HVAC question

    Absolutley! Have them get you a quote for a heat pump system as well. All it consists of is upgrading the outdoor unit to a heat pump style condenser. Bosch is making some great high efficiency options. Pair this with a photovoltaic solar system and let the savings begin.
  4. Snipers practice for the Superbowl

    At the 2:00 mark, someone is using a bolt action .50 BMG variant
  5. A chicken sandwich worth fighting for

    Bunch of didn't do nuffin's.
  6. Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Family Hospitalized after Plane Crash - UPDATED Post #41

    Heard they found Mt. Dew in both pilots systems...
  7. PA Shooting NOT at Temple University

    Went to serve a warrant and things went sideways,
  8. What the hell has hijacked my daughters phone!!??

    Is it being used as a WIFI hotspot?
  9. HVAC

    The "R's" are the 24 volt supplies coming from their respective systems (R is for the heat equipment and RC is for the cooling equipment). You do not want to bring them together for any reason. They will fight each other to the death and you will release the smoke from the transformers. Remove...
  10. Emergency furnace service on thanksgiving

    That box is the burner. The manufacturer is Riello. It does sound like a motor bearing or fuel pump issue. Report back.
  11. 36,000+ homes in the northeast US have bad foundations because of a specific quarry

    I'm in and out of basements all day. I've seen a couple foundations that are just turning to powder. There was a house last month off Wanoosnoc Rd. in Fitchburg that was completely elevated and was having the whole foundation replaced. Quite the project.
  12. Facebook purge

    Instagram is where all the cool kids play now. All I follow is hot chicks, cars/bikes, and firearms.
  13. Nike Loses $3.75 Billion in Market Cap After Colin Kaepernick Named Face of ‘Just Do It’ Ads

    He'll go to the Raiders before he'd ever come here...I hope.
  14. Investment counselor

    I have an uncle who's a Nigerian Prince and is always looking for investors. I'll shoot him your email.
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