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  1. Thinking of putting together a GHB

    You can get pretty much everything you'll need at Walmart. Supplement what you can get there with some stuff from a sporting goods chain (Dicks, Sports Authority, etc.), and maybe a few tools from a place like Home Depot or Lowes.
  2. ExperiencedSoftware Development / Web Design Services Offer

    I'm an experienced software developer who specializes in all things Microsoft, including all things .NET (ASP.NET, Silverlight, WPF, WCF, etc.), database design, development and administration (MS SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2012), and all the other things you'd expect a developer to be experienced...
  3. Active Shooter at Navy Yard in DC

    Yup, that's the one. Sounds like he may have been the "other" 5'10" 180lb black male with a long gun that was spotted as well.
  4. Active Shooter at Navy Yard in DC

    Aaron Alexis, 34, from Ft. Worth, Texas? Here's a mugshot for an Aaron Alexis, arrested on 2010-09-04 at age 31 for "Pc 42.12(b) Ma Discharge Firearm Ce". Is this the guy?
  5. Has anyone seen any Glock 9MM Keltec Sub 2000s?

    I've been looking for a Glock 9MM Keltec Sub 2000 for months now. I've had a WTB ad posted in the classifieds, I've been to or called countless stores... I've got a free box of ammo of your choice (assuming I have one or can find it in stock somewhere), or a couple of preban AR 15 magazines for...
  6. Pinned Flash or no?

    If you're in Mass, take a look at the PWS FSC 556... legally it's considered a muzzle brake, but it provides a reasonable amount of flash suppression as well.
  7. Switching out the buttstock on my M&P 15 sport question

    I just recently replaced the stock on my M&P15 as well. On mine (and I assume on yours as well), the castle nut was staked. I had some issues getting the nut off by hand, so what I did was position my armorer's wrench on the nut, and then whack the end of the wrench with a rubber mallet. The...
  8. Two Thumbs Up for Dark Horse Gunsmithing

    Earlier this week I was looking for a gunsmith in my area who could install a muzzle brake on my M&P 15. I called a couple places nearby... one told me they couldn't help me, and the other told me they can do it but it wouldn't be ready for 5 or 6 weeks. Eventually I asked here on the forums...
  9. Need a Barrel Threaded in Western MA

    I'm trying to find a local gunsmith who can thread the barrel on my AR15, then install and pin a muzzle brake. I've already searched the forums and checked out the Massachusetts gunshop forum, but I haven't found anyone local who can help. Can anyone recommend someone in the Springfield area...

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