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  1. Comcast takes stance against guns

    F*ck Comcast . . . I get almost daily calls on my un-listed landline from loser insurance salespeople because those dicks sold my info.
  2. American Militias?

    Totally sucked, I did however get to see alot of people aim weapons at themselves and others . . .
  3. Man fires into crowd to impress girl...

    According to the police report, Carlos R Turrelles Arias, 21, was trying to show off for a pregnant girl he had in the car when he got out of his silver Mazda on Southland and fired off several rounds. I don't understand why he needed to impress her to begin with . . .
  4. Father, Believing He Was Confronting Armed Burglar, Fatally Shoots His Son

    I probably would have gone with grounding him for a couple weeks . . . but I'm a softie.
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