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  1. G-Code INCOG holster: Experiences?

    It took them 10 weeks to get me the Incog for my Shield.
  2. G-Code INCOG holster: Experiences?

    I bought one for my Shield. It's a good holster for sure, but I found it to be kind of uncomfortable and I noticed that with more fitting clothes it printed like crazy, mostly due to the clip pushing my belt out. I ended up replacing it with the crossbreed appendix rig. It seems to be a lot more...
  3. Looking for something comparable to a Ruger LC9 for a left hand shooter?

    Does he feel strongly about the safety? I'm a lefty and I'm carrying a Smith and Wesson Shield 9mm with no safety. You could also look at the Glock 43. The the safety is a serious concern, I think the Sig Sauer 938 has an ambi safety.
  4. So how hard is it to obtain a Mass Non-Res LTC?

    True story. They're screening people through a metal detector now. I had to cough up up Spyderco when I went through. They were fine about it and gave it back to me when I came out, but it's obvious that they've upped their security.
  5. So how hard is it to obtain a Mass Non-Res LTC?

    $100 per year plus a yearly "interview" in Chelsea. It's a pain in the ass but if you're in Mass all the time I think it's worth it. Restricted vs. Unrestricted is totally up to them. Good luck.
  6. Hilliary Feels She's Untouchable

    +1 for making Lewinski a verb. [laugh2]
  7. EDC Change

    Overall, I love my Glocks. I have a few minor complaints, because nothing is perfect, but for the conversation of iwb carry, the issue I have is the width. I'm transitioning to appendix carry and the G19 works ok but it's not super comfortable. I feel like a single stack would be more...
  8. EDC Change

    I'm just thinking out loud here. Why not?
  9. EDC Change

    That's kinda my issue. It's getting harder to fit a double stack handgun iwb in pants that actually fit. How do you like the trigger? I shot a friends and it felt a bit heavy. You're absolutely right. I'm just not that familiar with the gun and was wondering what how other people like it.
  10. EDC Change

    I guess I was thinking about a slimmer profile. I love my G19, and I've carried it for years but it's a little on the thick side and a good quality single stack might be a good option.
  11. EDC Change

    I'm thinking about changing my EDC carry from my Glock 19 to a XDs in 9mm. Thoughts?
  12. Young Douchebags?

    Well said.
  13. Anyone camping/backpacking

    Just curious who's out backpacking this year and where you're all going. I picked up some new gear over the winter and just started hiking again last weekend with a trip up monadnock. I'm looking to check a few more 4000'ers of the list this season. I haven't done a good back country overnight...
  14. Show me your AK

    True story. Needs more range time.
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