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  1. Is two story shed possible?

    Tell building inspector you are transitioning. Build a two story "she shed". Dare him to come after you. Non-binary - not a shed, not a building. Tell building inspector that you are the same (non-binary) and that you need a place that you feel comfortable in - if the inspector says that it...
  2. Cohasset man charged with living in Cohasset....

    Or he is one of those people who openly talk about shit they should not openly talk about. I know at least a couple people who regularly talk about shit they shouldn't have with people they shouldn't - I know it's only a matter of time before they f*** themselves.
  3. **** you too, Franklin Armory

    I'd just take the Asian school girl (over 18 please).
  4. **** you too, Franklin Armory

    Wearing a mask?
  5. LEO take on FTF AK sale

    This 1000%.
  6. Weird unregistered gun situation?

    I edited it a bit. And then do nothing (i.e., don't transfer it) with the gun but own it and shoot it.
  7. Diner in Louisville draws handgun as armed BLM protesters swarm restaurant

    It looks like the little metal, cap gun that was in my belt buckle when I was a kid, you would push a button, it would turn out and then you would pull it off its hinge. It was actually pretty well made and worked slick. Shit, now I gotta see if I still have that somewhere in some box of memories.
  8. Thompson/Center Arms being divested

    Absolutely, I agree 100%.
  9. The prices you guys are charging for guns/ammo is absolute extortion

    Hell, I'll give someone some pre-bans if they take my wife with 'em (but there's no returns, everything is as is).
  10. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    Yikes! $20/box. Glad I am fully stocked and then some.
  11. Runnings / Hinsdale NH

    I like the place, was there a couple weeks ago, firearms/ammo section was basically wiped out then. It definitely has quite the variety of goods/items.
  12. WTS Savage 220 stainless/camo 20 gauge rifle slug gun

    Location: Royalston, MA Description: Up for sale is a like new Savage 220 bolt action rifled slug barrel shotgun in 20 gauge. It is stainless steel with a synthetic camo stock. In my opinion, the stock on this version is much better looking and more traditional than the current models of this...
  13. Democrat lawmakers introduce gun control bill that would ban magazines holding more than 10 rounds

    At this point, I cannot believe that anyone but recent/new gun owners would not have a more than adequate supply of magazines for each of their firearms.
  14. They keep repeating it. Worcester Board of Health: Gun violence a persistent public health threat

    So there is no other violence that is a public health threat, right, only gun violence???? I said last year that this was going to be their mantra. They are going to repeat it over and over until people are programmed to believe that without guns there would be no violence.
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