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  1. Kittery trading post

    Just left KTP. Gun selection was lightest I’ve seen. Ammo that was out today, Red Army 1k case off 9mm was $299.99. Red Army 640 case was $229.00 and Winchester white Box 100 rd value pack was $32.99. Some odds and ends in rifle caliber. 30 round Magpulls AR mags $17.99.
  2. 1990 Juvenile felony vacated

    Wouldn’t you also need to find a judge that is willing to hear the case if the DA agrees to it?
  3. Odd classified responses

    I’ve had few of these on a classified post recently. Always with an offer a hundred bucks less than asking and usually back to back and different user names.... Weird for sure.
  4. Beretta Refurbishing?

    Try these guys. I have had very good results with there Cera-Hide finish on a Sig P-228 and Colt AR-15 lower. Cummings Custom Refinishing
  5. Coronavirus Gun Porn Thread

    Colt Python 4” unfired.
  6. Gun Club closure megathread

    Shawme Fish and Game Club. All events and meetings postponed till further notice. Indoor range and clubhouse closed through April 7th. Outdoor range will remain open.
  7. MA Towns Suspending Licensing?

    Looks like they removed the post on their FB page.
  8. MA Towns Suspending Licensing?

    Add another to the list, citing the State has suspended licensing.
  9. S&W 340sc J Frame, .357

    I love my 340PD and it's easy to carry everywhere. .357’s are savage in it, especially on a cold day at the range. "Snappy" would be an understatement, due to the lightweight frame. Double taps are not happening with any accuracy. Also, the flame burst with the .357 at night would kill any...
  10. CVS and Walgreens announce changes to firearms policies, ask shoppers to not bring guns in

    From the President of CVS, nothing about open carry or concealed. He is requesting that you do not bring firearms into the stores.
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