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  1. Off-duty NYPD officer, 31, shoots dead her ex-girlfriend's new lover after breaking in and waiting for her to return home

    But NYPD never hits their target. They only tag bystanders.
  2. Well I bought another HK.

    Sold my Vp9 due to the early trigger click suckage. It will eventually get replaced but for now I’ve been jonesing for 45c. One was advertised locally over the wkend so I’ll make a call today. The shop isn’t known to be cheap so I may have to be patient.
  3. Springfield Police & Hampden County Sheriff’s Department to Offer Gun Buy-Back.

    Not sure I agree with this one. Everyone in the department knew Nick was not Ashes first choice as successor.
  4. Springfield MA area meetup ON 9/10/21 AT Hampden House discussion inside

    I’m bored bumpage. Get a sitter. Duct tape the wife. Whatever ya gotta do to get your ass out fri 👍
  5. Which HK in MA

    Had a vp9 but the trigger had a noticeable click that I could not get rid of so sold it. Too bad I was so hung up on it cuz it was like a freaken laser beam. Currently looking for a 45 or preferably 45c. I actually regret selling my usp 40.
  6. C&R Thread

    I’ve had mine for a few years and have yet to make a purchase. Either I thought price didn’t match condition, F***ers wouldn’t ship to Mass or funds weren’t right at the time. Always on the look out for something that catches the eye. ATF has yet to want an audit. Itd be one of the quickest...
  7. Beretta 92 rail option.

    I don’t think I ever installed it so I can’t speak to its function. I think nowadays Beretta has multiple offerings that include a rail which make the market for these far less profitable. If interested I’d ask for shipping and beverage $
  8. Beretta 92 rail option.

    Pretty sure I have a command arms in package in my parts bin
  9. Springfield MA area meetup ON 9/10/21 AT Hampden House discussion inside

    I can use a good night out with some good(?) dudes. Operation gtfo of the house has been green lit by the wife. M&P 9 full size righty.
  10. 10+1 rounds approved gun list selling at MA gun shops now?

    There was a gun listed in the classifieds as 10 + 1 capacity. This refers to a 10 round mag plus one in the chamber. That may be where your confusion is.
  11. Springfield MA area meetup ON 9/10/21 AT Hampden House discussion inside

    Regretfully I’ll have to make the next meet up.
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