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  1. WTS Trijicon night sight Glock 43/42.

    Trijicon HDXR Yellow front night sight. Fits Glock 43/42. Like new , had it on my G 43 for 6 months and switched it for an orange front sight. $60. Shipped.
  2. Classifieds Suck Lately

    It's all Maura's fault, she took AK & AR variants out of MA market!
  3. Member Karma

  4. Random gun porn

  5. Nice Jogging Holster

    I just placed an order for the PT2. I have been looking for a secure set up to run with my G43 or 340PD.
  6. G43 Night Sight Advice

    I Prefer the Trijicon HD with Orange front sight on my Glocks .
  7. Glock 26 or Glock 43 - HELP!

    I was in a similar situation. I kept the 19 & 43. Sold the G27 with 26 conversion barrel. No regrets. Love the 43 for carry but I'm a lot more accurate with the 19.
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