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  1. Bumper Stickers
  2. Sig 224.

    Has anything recent come out in regards to the availability of the DA/SA model?
  3. Bumper Stickers

    A bumper sticker I saw today "It takes a viking to raze a village."
  4. Guns of Blair Castle

  5. Gettysburg 150th

    I recently attended a reenactment to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg. I came away invigorated having seen so many pro 2a bumper stickers, banners, and t-shirts. Coming from Massachusetts, I have never seen so much support for 2a beliefs.
  6. Trijicon

    Big U.S. Companies You Might Not Know Are Religious - Yahoo! Finance #9 Trijicon I did not know Trijicon was a religious company. I am sure some of you did and I figure that some of you would appreciate this while others would not like this at all. I just found out while reading through...
  7. New Sigs approved in MA

    I really hope they put out the Da/Sa version of the 224 because I think that would be a nice alternative to the 239 that I was contemplating buying. Its ability to accept 229 magazines is a positive for the 224 over the 239.
  8. Do you donate blood?

    I used to donate for the red cross, but with the phone calls bordering on harassment even after being asked not to call twice I have decided to donate locally. I am o+ and try to donate as often as possible. Reading this thread has made me wonder about platelets donation mainly what it takes.
  9. International Movie Firearms Database

    I just made a small contribution because like many of you I feel it is a great website.
  10. CT Gun Law revisions

    I have never heard of DMV cops. I thought they were state troopers with that as their duty station.
  11. CT Gun Law revisions

    The department of Motor Vehicles gets exempted... really? Do they need to license people to do drive by shootings?
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