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  1. I can't believe they let you do that

    I'm working on it, even as I type this. Happiness to me will be seeing Massachusetts in the rear view mirror and the sooner, the better. In fact, it's happening today.
  2. You might be a Swamp Yankee if...

    Your neighbors call and say that there's a nice pheasant in your back yard and you get all excited and grab your 16 Gauge Model 12 to go and try to shoot it. Your neighbor calls and says that they just saw the stocking truck putting "some damn nice fish" in the pond down the road and wants to...
  3. Man set to testify against MS-13 found murdered after New York releases witness list

    Meanwhile, on another thread here on NES, a man is fined $20K for killing a deer illegally in California. New York, on the other hand, releases a criminal for political reasons and said criminal then rapes and murders an elderly lady. Both states are run by Democrat majorities. The citizens of...
  4. California man killed a trophy deer on his rural property. Now he’s facing a huge penalty.

    Why can't our immigration laws be enforced with this kind of zeal?
  5. Bloomberg $10 Million Anti-Gun Super Bowl Ad

    The only thing that I care about as far as the SB is that my squares are winner$.
  6. Elizabeth Warren Made Millions Off Companies Seeking To Evade Laws She Wrote

    Fake Injun speakum with forked tongue, makum big wampum for bigger teepee for her tribe.
  7. Handcuffed man shot inside police cruiser

    Sounds like it could be a fun drinking game. I'll pass on the PCP though, if it's ok with you. Who wants to go first?
  8. English, it's really REALLY hard...

    I'm too rolling stoned.....
  9. Which evil POS to vote for in NH primary?

    I can even remember the bumper stickers afterwards: Nixon 49 America 1 or Don't Blame Me I'm From Massachusetts

    If I had to get a permit for every time I got nekkid and drunk I'd have a lot of permits.
  11. Tips for an Absolute Noob: Being a First Time Home Buyer

    I recently went through something like this last fall. During the home inspection it was discovered that the block foundation was starting to buckle inward. The sellers were made very aware of it, because I exercised my right to cancel the sale under the P&S agreement. They were surprised when I...
  12. Electrician Question: are Arc Fault breakers a good thing???

    Me too. What I want to know is when did firefighters change their name?
  13. Electrician Question: are Arc Fault breakers a good thing???

    Don't forget about the outside disconnecting means of the service for "first responders". The surge protection requirement is a good idea as far as I'm concerned. I'm nearly always adding it to panels AFTER there was a voltage surge from the utility or there was a nearby lightning strike...
  14. New England Ballistics Services

    I doubt that Dowd is on anybody's Christmas card list here on NES.
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