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  1. MA -> FL member checking in!

    The 2A issue not the only reason to leave, but yes, that's a legit concern. Taxes, weather, Ma**h***s. politics, traffic, taxes, cost of living, etc etc. F That noise. Walking on the beach with my dog X Mass day was great. My property tax a fraction of what it was in MA. I don't like being hot...
  2. AG wins her gun ban

    I'm a few years away from MA and still following all this BS. FL has been having it's own challenges to be sure, but far better than MA and I'm glad I was not there to see that verdict, which being in MA, should come as a surprise to no one.
  3. MA -> FL member checking in!

    So, move to FL still a plus, but recent events have given me bad memories of one reason I left MA, and that pisses me off. FL a long way from MA level gun control, but as you all see, already chipping away at our Const. Rights here.
  4. Gun control bill passed in FL House

    I moved from MA to FL to get away from that BS, and that event happened not far from me. Weather, taxes, etc, etc, still prefer FL and plenty ARs, cans, etc here.
  5. Venezuela

    A hell of a lot more so than places we continue to have a presence we probably don't need to. Regardless, the stuff happening there can and will impact us. Again, not claiming to have the answers, but total hands off approach has and does often cause more problems than not, and there's plenty of...
  6. Venezuela

    Easier said than done. It's in our back yard, many Venezuelans are coming to the US, and surrounding countries creating a major burden, a full scale humanitarian disaster (which appears right around the corner) would be very destabilizing to the region, and have ripple effects, that will impact...
  7. Venezuela

    I have been tracking this for a while. I have a place in Panama which is where many went, as well as Colombia. I have spoken first hand with a number of people who have lots of relatives, and they say it's worse than most even know and getting worse. BTW, government disarmed the population in...
  8. Liberals Plan Scream Fest on Nov. 6

    Just another reason I got the hell out of the People's Republic of MA, where Liberty began and ended.
  9. MA -> FL member checking in!

    AZ aint a southern state bro. I can also tell you once you get passed 100f or so in the shade, "It's a dry heat" no longer applies. Visit AZ, NV etc around July or August. It was 105f in the shade when I was in Vegas once, and that was really miserable.
  10. MA -> FL member checking in!

    Never heard of that range, interesting. FL does collect a lot of weird messed up people, but some "normal" people around too. Having grown up in Brooklyn in the 70s/80s I'm used to a menagerie of different people and am generally comfortable with it. FL is a culture shock to a NE type, that's...
  11. MA -> FL member checking in!

    If you don't like the heat, then NH is a good choice no doubt. I lived in NH for some time and went to school in NH and was happy to leave. I knew if/when left MA it would not be 1 mile north of where I was in MA.
  12. MA -> FL member checking in!

    Next Sat?! I get a lot of "had enough of that f-ing place" and invariably they're from NY, CT, and MA 9 out of 10 times.
  13. MA -> FL member checking in!

    So far so good and I never liked the snow, the cold, the dark at 4pm stuff etc. I'll take boating with a couple of ret SEAL buddies over snow shoeing any day ;) If I didn't already have biz etc in FL, that area would be on the short list for sure. By in large, people are far nicer in FL than...
  14. MA -> FL member checking in!

    Well folks, almost two years since leaving People's Republic MA for FL. It was only a few weeks after I left did the ban on ARs and other scary guns take place, which confirmed my decision. Going into get my CCW transferred (I had a non res CCW) was so fast and easy, I truly felt like I was in...
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