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  1. My new birthday gifts

    Thanks guys [grin]
  2. My new birthday gifts

    For my birthday my brother gave me a Mosin nagant and my wife gave me a Springfield XDS-9 3.3, Yup it was a good day for sure [grin]
  3. Transfer Massachusetts LTC to New Hampshire?

    So I printed out the "moving" form off the GOAL website. Is this all I have to sent to the local PD and FRB before 30 days after moving out of state? Also if I was moving but staying in MA I would have to sent 3 copies because the PD in the new town would need a copy as well. Correct?
  4. Ughh what?

    Yeah even though I saw the same reports and opinions on like 10 other forums including I don't trust them and they will never get my money.
  5. Cleaning with hoppes 9 or ballistol?

    All my guns get the ballistol.
  6. Which state?

    Big congrats. It's Tennessee for me, but Texas was my other choice. I too will be gone end of June [cheers]

    So much for "Free or Die" that's why I wont ever move to New Hampshirchusetts, its just too close to MA and is becoming more and more like MA...sad really.
  8. Thinking revolver, please help

    Not too great for carry but I love these two and will never sell them. M&P R8 and 686+ 4"
  9. BCM or Colt?

    BCM...BeCause Merica! ​ [smile]
  10. GF looking for her first pistol

    Mrs Wicked1911 prefers to shoot .38 special out of her 686+, doesn't get any simpler than a revolver. Let her try one she might be surprised how much she likes it.
  11. Which state?

    We are looking at East Nashville or Franklin area, but will be checking out some other areas too before buying a home.
  12. Decisions decisions.

    One of my brothers lives in SC and my sister lives in NC. I have been to both many times and both are nice, but if I had to live in one or the other it would be SC for sure.
  13. Which state?

    So I previously agreed that if I could move TN would be where I go. Well I'm happy to say it is now a 100% reality and we WILL be moving to TN end of June [dance] [party]
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