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  1. Benchmades

    This is the Kershaw I carry and USE every day. It holds a sharp edge great and is very durable, feels great in the hand and easy to carry. I will definitely get another when the time comes...
  2. My new birthday gifts

    Thanks guys [grin]
  3. My new birthday gifts

    For my birthday my brother gave me a Mosin nagant and my wife gave me a Springfield XDS-9 3.3, Yup it was a good day for sure [grin]
  4. Transfer Massachusetts LTC to New Hampshire?

    So I printed out the "moving" form off the GOAL website. Is this all I have to sent to the local PD and FRB before 30 days after moving out of state? Also if I was moving but staying in MA I would have to sent 3 copies because the PD in the new town would need a copy as well. Correct?
  5. Ughh what?

    Yeah even though I saw the same reports and opinions on like 10 other forums including I don't trust them and they will never get my money.
  6. The first step in the new world order...

    Speaking of NWO, one of my friends shared this: [tinfoil] [pot] [tinfoil]
  7. Cleaning with hoppes 9 or ballistol?

    All my guns get the ballistol.
  8. Which state?

    Big congrats. It's Tennessee for me, but Texas was my other choice. I too will be gone end of June [cheers]
  9. Am I being detained? No. ok goodby....vrrooooom

  10. Best Caliber for Bear: Fist

    So much for "Free or Die" that's why I wont ever move to New Hampshirchusetts, its just too close to MA and is becoming more and more like MA...sad really.
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