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  1. WTB .45 GAP Brass

    I am looking to purchase some .45 GAP brass. I'd prefer new brass or a low number of firings. I am located in the Conway, NH area and am ok paying for shipping if necessary. Best method of contact is through direct message on this site.
  2. WTB Delete

    Incorrect posting location. Please delete.
  3. WTS .257 Roberts Ammunition

    I am selling 206 rounds of .257 Roberts ammunition in factory boxes. This ammunition appears to be unfired factory ammunition to me but I am not the original purchaser and am therefore unable to guarantee this with 100% certainty. The ammunition breakdown is as follows: Win 117gr Power Point...
  4. WTS Powder and Cabinet For Sale

    I am selling this powder and metal cabinet. I obtained both as part of purchase of a large lot of reloading gear. I have more powder than I care to store in my house at this point and would like to get this to someone who has a use for it. Because I bought this as part of a larger lot of...
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  6. NRA TPC at SIG, it is a confirmed event

    I'm interested. We just got the flyer for the Exeter course. Does anyone know how many rounds someone should expect to fire during this competition? I don't see any mention of how much ammo to bring.
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