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white feather

I used to be younger, then I got older. Along the way, I taught chemistry and physics, rode my bicycles (mountain and road), hunted (didn't get much), fished (ditto), hiked, camped, raced RC cars (lots of trophies from Woonsocket Roller Kingdom), had 20 cats (down to three now), a great basset hound (RIP Casey!), and a bunch of Dachshunds (bottle fed two little girls from day one/they are now two years old). President of two great organizations, a gun club (11 years not now) and a feral cat group (15 years still). Won a few silhouette shoots with my High Standard Victor (MA State Champ AA standing 1979 and ME State Champ SBHP AAA 1994) and my old model .41 Mag Ruger Blackhawk. Learning new stuff every day!

Rifles, pistols, riding my Surly Crosscheck, Foxboro Forrest,camping, O gauge trains, Dachshunds.


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