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  1. Stuff said online.....

    yeah someone ruined it for everyone else
  2. Stuff said online.....

    didnt that thread get murdered?
  3. Palmetto State Arms

    theyre good rifles, put a rattlecan camo job and cheap sling and make a great truck gun
  4. Stuff said online.....

    *ting ting* ahem, ahem, excuse me gentlemen if i could have your attention for a moment please i have an announcement f*** the feds that is all
  5. Help Building A Compliant Rifle

    this is the firearm equivalent of posting disgusting food
  6. What's The Best Caliber For Bears On Cocaine ???

    50/50 phenobarbital and ketamine fired from a dart gun
  7. Looking for a good small revolver

    smith 360pd
  8. Picked up a new toy tonight

    how much did you pay for it?
  9. Hand Position Question

    teacup shooting offers no additional support over 1 handed, so you may as well shoot one handed weaver, and make yourself a smaller target.
  10. My New Splitting Axe

    im always having to sharpen my fiskars, doesnt hold an edge. i always wondered if it was a heat treating problem
  11. Colorado Springs LGBT Club Mass Shooting

    its when you insert but dont thrust, and its as gay as ball touching homo love
  12. 17-year-old arrested in killing of 2 people in Kenosha

    it takes practice. no better way to learn than doing it
  13. 1911 Gunsmith in Eastern MA?

    all of this
  14. Reasonable 9mm pistol accuracy

    when I started I was really bad, going to BRP early AM because I was embarrased to let anyone see me shoot. i met and worked with a teacher who was incredible, and obsessed over my pistol skills for a long time. now ofc i can shoot every day because i can shoot in my yard. i have a redneck...
  15. Colorado Springs LGBT Club Mass Shooting

    hes also a porn star and escort
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