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  1. 20+ Gun Stolen from Bass Pro

    Need to close smash and grab loophole...
  2. Guns on boats

  3. Guns on boats

    Got it... But this is why I don't post much. I gave information to what happened to me. Not to get snarkey Sparkey but I spent 20 odd years Merchant Marine not Coast Guard and the six months when I was not out sea I was fishing. I have seen a bunch. I guess I could get into saying I have wrung...
  4. Guns on boats

    When they were 20 ft from my boat they asked if there were any firearms on board....I said I guess good for you.
  5. Guns on boats

    Yes you can prepared to be held up for a while if you are boarded for a "safety equipment check". Happened to me a couple years ago out fishing near Elizabeth Islands. They run the serial number of gun.
  6. From Start to Finish Colt Transformation

    Some cool process...
  7. Looking for a good auto painter

    Yankee Auto in Middleboro.
  8. Looking for a good auto painter

    Please keep posting pic's :)
  9. Sports Illustrated SwimSuit Model Edition - 2020

    Well I had to look up DB Wanda...Holy smoke show GF.... wanda sykes partner - Yahoo Image Search Results
  10. Israeli Medical solutions.

  11. Shots fired at Brigham's Hospital

    Slow service?
  12. NY Sanctuary State travelers punished

    Having been on vacation in various locations over the years I often wished there was such a thing... 999.999% of them are FLYING A$$HOLES!!!!!!!!!!!
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