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  1. One Man, Hand tools only Cabin. Outstanding! here, just looked at that video, pretty amazing. my skills are lacking!
  2. Range theatrics

    great video!!
  3. Good Samaritan Shot - What was a Right Way?

    Unfortunately, this is where my head is at these days too...
  4. Creeped out a bit today at Martin Burns

    Similar thing happened to me once. 4 young men with an inordinate amount of attention on my guns. My buddy and I were carrying 45's on our hips. Rather than continue shooting we never turned our backs to them, packed our stuff up, and left. Made sure they saw the pistols on our sides...
  5. New 2000 yard range, northern NH

    holy cow, I would love to go to that range!! Woo!
  6. Harvard sportsman club

    HSC is an amazing club. Great facilities and they keep the place very well maintained. I have been a member there for over 20 years.
  7. Musketaquid Sportsmen's Club

    Yah, basically a closed men's club...there are much better places to go be a member. If you live in Concord, check out the Concord Rod and Gun Club. Very welcoming group of folks. beautiful grounds and well kept facilities
  8. Swiss support for gun ownership faces crucial test

    I thought that every ex-military person in Switzerland had a machine gun in their house or something like that, some type of firearm. Maybe big changes ahead for them, I hope not!
  9. current situation in Mass WRT firearms laws, regulations, lawsuits

    Thanks for the pointer on this stuff. I am new to the boards and pointers to these resources is great.
  10. 9mm 1911 chewing up brass...

    not much help here...bu I have done a lot of shooting and not seen brass chewed up like that....
  11. Downloadable Targets

    thanks, these are great. the alien is now a favorite for my kids to blast at!
  12. 1911A1 Manuals

    thanks for these!
  13. M1 Garand

    Nice, I am new to milsurps guns, looking forward to getting a few garands!
  14. Awfully Quiet Around Here

    holiday weekend?
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