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  1. Developing a good FFL relationships

    Maybe you don't need a new FFL... Maybe you just need a new face covering. View:
  2. Who was Pamela Cabriales? Colorado mom driving home shot dead as teens, 18 and 14, fire 8 bullets into her SUV: Don't talk about this.

    Is a teenaged gang member who has already committed homicide really a 'child'? Really?
  3. State House Dome: 'Flipped' House leads to policy reversals

    For the past two years, under Democratic control, the House was pro-abortion rights, pro-gun control, pro-independent redistricting commission and pro-education aid overhaul. Last week, the narrow Republican majority caucus in the House hung together to take actions that reversed every one of...
  4. Maine gun numbers tell a stark story. New caucus committed to changing them.

    It’s estimated that nearly half of all Maine homes have at least one firearm, and those numbers have risen since the start of the pandemic. According to FBI data on background checks, 70,244 Mainers tried to purchase firearms between March and August of 2020, an increase of 69 percent from 2019...
  5. ICE agent sues Sig Sauer for $10M over 320 shooting himself in the leg

    The people who read the article in the original post know.
  6. Flying to Atlanta..then driving to AL

    One more example of why it's in your interest to maintain a New Hampshire license.
  7. Constitutional Carry tracker.

    Utah Gov. Spencer Cox signs law allowing concealed carry without a permit. The statute will go into effect in May. 156 Subsections 76-10-504(1) and (2), and 76-10-505(1)(b) do not apply to a person 21 157...
  8. Rubber bands on grips?

    This old video made the rounds again yesterday (and it contains something pertinent to this thread): Expert Marksmanship: A Path to Olympic Gold Medal View:
  9. Constitutional Carry tracker.

    It varies, depending upon your definition. See
  10. Rob Pincus

    IIRC, they said that it was not a firearm, it was actually an airsoft. Does that make any difference to you?
  11. IDPA suspends club, MD and shooters for allowing AIWB in competition

    A statement like that makes me think you don't get around much. Dangerous re-holstering is very common, but most people - even when they see it - just ignore it. In December, TheFirearmGuy showed us what not to do. Two years ago, in December, Craig Douglas showed us what to do.
  12. IDPA suspends club, MD and shooters for allowing AIWB in competition

    The Wilson's run IDPA like Google runs Google. It's almost as if they think they own it, or something.
  13. Safety Question-

    Clearing the chamber should be a conscious act, and - if your brain is engaged - you'll probably only need to retract the slide one time. MINDLESSLY cycling the slide three times, or more, WITHOUT LOOKING is not the kind of muscle memory anyone should want.
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