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  1. Any lefty pistol recommendations?

    Your name is lefty - you must know your stuff! Range for sure, but he will want to carry something as well. So I guess options for each.
  2. Any lefty pistol recommendations?

    Got a friend in MA who just got his LTC. He is a lefty though. Never thought about slide and mag release for a lefty before. Any recommendations? I found an H&K VP9 on the approved roster, but curious on other options.
  3. Four Seasons Shout Out.

    If all your long guns need to have wood, and you only fell comfortable with a wheelgun, you are a fudd. If semi auto handguns and black rifles give you a stiffy, you are fine.
  4. 22 or shotgun for rabbit?

    I echo everything Whacko said.
  5. 22 or shotgun for rabbit?

    Patrick M is my hero! I get the occasional when grouse hunting. Very impressive display!
  6. Current Ammo Prices

    yay for dead people!
  7. Cabelas in Hudson has ammo

    I I am not calling you out for the PSA. That's great! Glad to hear where the normal price ammo is. I am dumping on those passing judgement on people charging market rates.
  8. Cabelas in Hudson has ammo

    You go, Crackpot! Charging current market rates is what supply and demand, and capitalism is all about. Weird to see so many 2A people acting like socialists, expecting a handout for them. So many people not holding themselves to the same standards they hold others to!
  9. Market in the toilet who’s buying?

    people are still pumping so much cash into equities, they have nowhere to go but up. its gross how much market cap is tied up in the FAANGs or even TSLA. even if $ shifts over to cyclicals, if the only option for growth is equities instead of bonds, and more money is going in than out, the...
  10. Current Ammo Prices

    When do you stop sharing? I have given a few hundred rounds to my father in law, who was unprepared, and cant find 9mm anywhere. I like the guy, but don't want to make myself short down the road if this foolishness lasts.
  11. Hunting

    I keep the plug in too. If i cant get my pheasant/grouse with 3, no way are the 4th or 5th going to matter. They dont fly in a group like the waterfowl do.
  12. Renewal appointment

    Prioritize, Gyro. Got to potentially see what you can do with work, and allowing yourself to meet when the officers are available!
  13. We might be moving back. Glocks still the thing to bring?

    Norwood is better than the towns to the south if you needed to go to Boston for a commute. Depends where you are in Walpole, that could be fine. The towns closer to Mansfield are messy on rt95. If you can take a commuter train, then they are a fine options.
  14. Replacement for Cable TV

    I got a TCL/Roku TV for my bedroom (no cable wire). Comes loaded with apps I access via WiFi. Best part of the TV is Roku. Using the antenna, get the local channels, but with Roku and a memory stick, I can actually pause and rewind the local broadcast, so I wont have trouble giving the...
  15. Locking up ammo?

    I have a big 5 drawer file cabinet. I thought it was needed based of the statute above. Actually really like it even if its not, so I'm happy either way.
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