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  1. JHP ammo vs ball/FMJ

    If your pistol functions well with ball, why not use it? The military used it for many years with acceptable results. Hollowpoints may work and they may not, even then you're not guaranteed success. If you just can't live with the thought of ball ammo however, do what you must in order to have...
  2. WWII GI bring-back: 1935 Beretta?
  3. Covertly Sleeping in a Vehicle

    Cheap is a virtue. Good info, thanks.
  4. An old liberal, crabby grandpa, or ancient non hacker?

    You are a gentleman esswun. You did right not to rise to his bait. At his age he's probably confirmed in his prejudices and bigotry, whatever you had said he would somehow in his own mind retain the moral high ground.
  5. ANyone change CCW seasonally?

    Smith & Wesson model 19 with 2.5" barrel in the colder months when concealment is not a problem. Colt 1903 .32 in the summer when riding my bike or a 1934 Beretta .380 for same. The warm weather revolver I favour is a Smith & Wesson model 36
  6. Looking to get rifle, handgun, and a shotgun..your opinions??

    You have not mentioned the amount of $ available for your project. Within reason if money is not tight, I'd go with the AR of some kind due to your familiarity with the M-16 family. The ranges back east are typically shorter so the .223 will be adequate for your needs in that respect. The...
  7. Ultimate Survival Knife

    Hollow handle knives as you are probably aware, are not known for being overly rugged, the problem being a weakened tang. 440 steel comes in several grades from junk to superb. I'd suggest as a good source of information on the subject. Another thought, there are several...
  8. Brady Campaign's Paul Helmke on the Ed Shultz Show (

    Shultz began his local career in Fargo as a sportscaster for WDAY. During the 90's he hosted a talk show here in Fargo that preceeded Limbaugh's daily broadcast. Shultz was a conservative and was sinking into obscurity due in part to personal problems that he experienced. He married a woman that...
  9. M1 Garands in Greece Evidently they are rather fond of them.
  10. M1 Garands in Greece

    Wonder what a Greek thinks of chaps and a stetson?
  11. 35 Winchester SL

    Cut & paste? Computer ignorant and proud of it!
  12. CNN Report Card

    North Dakota checking in. Unfortunately I can't access the poll or data. If Nodak is rating The One at a higher than normal level it is for two reasons. 1. As Derek mentioned the "guy" from North Dakota voted. 2. Nodak for all of it's Republican leanings has it's snout so firmly afixed to...
  13. older Colt Agent ok for pocket carry?

    1. Old. Just because it's old does not make it any less effective than the day it left the factory. No safety? That Colt mechanism was perfected for safe carry of all 6 rounds before I was born, refer back to old. 2. The hammer can be problematic but Colt hammer shrouds can be found and voila...
  14. Calling all old-timers

    I hate to think of myself as an old timer but unfortunately I am by no means a " new timer ". The media has reported on this current ammo shortage. Google the subject and there will be quite a few articles and commentaries available. To answer your question as to a past occurance. Yes, during...
  15. Tennessee Valley Bullets

    Tennessee Valley Bullets has a very good reputation. The proprietor Jessie Clark is most definitely a " gunguy ". He has some well known customers and works hard to keep them happy. Contact him as to availability. I will not speak for him but he has in this day and age, desirable stock on hand...
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