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  1. Ruger LCR .22 Magnum - MA legal?

    I think the "F" designation means it has the optional Fiber Optic Insert front sight. Just like "XS" means it has the optional night sights. Hope that helps!
  2. Article: Facebook And Instagram In Talks With Gun Control Advocates Seeking To Ban Gun Sales On Soci

    People sell firearms on Facebook? I can honestly say I've never seen it.
  3. The next generation

    My daughter is turning 5 soon. Time for us to play catch up I think! Well done.
  4. Looking for .30-06 blanks for Memorial Day observance

    Where are you located? How many do you need? I've got some from my uncle. Old Lake City arsenal stuff. You can have a box or two. PM me.
  5. To the bow hunters who like guns... Now mix the two..

    But the question remains, do you shoot these at your archery range or pistol range? Hmmmm... I don't think a hay bale is gonna cut it here. :)
  6. Sneaky Pete Holsters

    What happens when you get off your smart phone in public and put the phone back in your pocket? Won't people want to know why you didn't put it back in that swanky belt-purse you have? I know that here at work, I'd be asked what I had in that thing all day long.
  7. W

    Thanks for the Rep, and the compliments on the M44!

    Thanks for the Rep, and the compliments on the M44!
  8. ATK Buys Savage Arms Of Westfield

    ATK stock is doing pretty well lately too. Up almost 50% since October. This probably won't hurt either.
  9. First Squib Load

    Glad you noticed it and there were no subsequent Kabooms!
  10. Proper roll crimp on .38 special for a new reloader?

    Awesome information. Thanks for the pic too. That will help me (and hopefully others here) as a "too far" reference.
  11. Proper roll crimp on .38 special for a new reloader?

    Thanks. Is the degree of crimp independent from the "hotness" of the load? IE, should you just put the same level of crimp on any .38/.357? Or is it something that you should monitor as you shoot? For example, should I only add crimp/increase crimp if I notice my bullets jumping? Finally...
  12. Proper roll crimp on .38 special for a new reloader?

    Thanks in advance, as I've done a lot of lurking in this forum to gather hints and experience from the experienced reloaders. I recently loaded my first box of 9mm, and everything went off with out a hitch and functioned great (125gr LRN over 3.4 gr Green Dot). I'm using the Lee carbide 3 die...
  13. Muster on Lexington Battle Green

    I'll be there. I'll try to bring my family as well.
  14. Live from the Rally

    With the wind it felt colder than the January Rally. The sound system and speakers were all good. The crowd was difficult to judge at first, but when everyone started marching towards the state house, it was pretty impressive. I'd say there were definitely more people at this rally than the...
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