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  1. The Real Deal: Survival Checklist Based on the Argentina Meltdown

    obviously, the columbians, argentinans, etc, get over thru or around it. It's not as big a problem these days as crossing the mississippi was in the 1800's and thousands got that done. you dont have to croiss with cattle and horses. all you have to cross with is a raft, bicyle and pack, and can...
  2. Any followers of the Alone TV show here?

    I'm considering a training manual for getting onto the Alone or NA show, what to take, say and do. maybe a video about it. YOu can't show much skill on the video, or anything that suggest you can easily be alone for 5 months. Ideallly, you want to be a male to female,tranny, minority with 2 kids...
  3. Any followers of the Alone TV show here?

    400 calories per live weight lb, unless he's super fat, when it might be 500 calories per live weight lb. A big one might be anough food for one person per day. He might make enough bait to let you arrow or snare a bear, tho.
  4. what 10 items would you take for the Alone TV show?

    in a solid month of reserich and trying, you coild not put up as much good stuff here as I've done in one day. I bet that's hard for second=handers to live with. Nobod's giving you participation medals for doing nothing but jeering. That's got to be hard on you poor lil snowflakes.
  5. what 10 items would you take for the Alone TV show?

    A flat square of netting CAN be used as a cast net, in clear, shallow water with no brush or kelp or algea or big rocks on the bottom. Weight the outside edges of the net, with small stones, gather it around you and spin it out flat, to drop onto the fish This will stir up mud. Wait until the...
  6. Back to Basics

    search amazon, alibris, Kurt Saxon, whomever bought out paladin press, Loompanics, towsends. Dont buy the books. It woiuld cost you thousands of $ to do that. Just get the ISBN number, title and author, order it from your local public library's "interlibrary book loan system." you get it for 2...
  7. Back to Basics

    Books & DVDs great stuff. use it for obtaining the author and title of the books you want to read order it from your public libraries "interlibrary book loan system" take notes or scan/print pages that are of value to you.
  8. One Man, Hand tools only Cabin. Outstanding!

    do you know how the Egyptians got the pyramids level? They cut intersecting trenches, filled the resulting checkerboard with water, and cut the dirt down to the level of the water. The huge interior stones are made of a form of concret. That's how they are so closely fit. Wooden forms were...
  9. One Man, Hand tools only Cabin. Outstanding!

    those boards on the roof are going to warp and rot. Watch this guy, making his own pottery tiles and roofing a hut with them.With primitive tools, too. View:
  10. One Man, Hand tools only Cabin. Outstanding!

    but you have to cut all that wood, every year, just to heat it. When if you go 5 ft underground, it STAYS 50F degrees, year round. No need of cooling or heating. Just some walls, insulation between them, and shoring. Save you 90% of the work making it and ALL of the work trying to heat or cool...
  11. what 10 items would you take for the Alone TV show?

    Look, why dont you just admit that you dont have a clue about how to go about this challenge, instead of jeering from the sidelines like some special olympics candidate?
  12. Any followers of the Alone TV show here?

    people dont even know what amount of calories various wild foods offer, how many calories you burn doing what, etc. The combo of those ignorances, along with not knowing how to score ANY food (most anyone's managed has been Fowler and Dave M, about 30 lbs of low calorie food in 2 months. and...
  13. Any followers of the Alone TV show here?

    I've answered anyone who's posted anything sensible. Why should i reply to bs? Anyone who's watched the show knows that none of the entrants so far have even known how to feed themselves. So anyone with a brain should be able to figure out that you need radically different stuff, or you can win...
  14. what 10 items would you take for the Alone TV show?

    if you know a few things, you need to do very little wood processing. You're not going to get thru the winter on this show. You're not going to be allowed to stay 4 months, and you wont need to do so, vs the sort of weaklings that get on this show, either. If you know to use a simple tarp...
  15. what 10 items would you take for the Alone TV show?

    why do you ask such a thing? Lots of people dont have TVs, but prison inmates have access to them, but they dont have internet. Internet access or a cell phone would probably be considered escape material.
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